Food Booth Sidewall Pack


Food booth sidewall pack for 10×10 tents; get started on your foodie adventure with food safety in mind!

  • Set of 4 Food Booth Walls; includes 1 wall with windowed openings.
  • Certified and Labeled for CPAI-84 Fire Resistant Requirements
  • Available in Black


E-Z Up Food Booth Sidewall Pack

This economical food booth sidewall pack is perfect for food vendors who are just starting out! The kit includes four lightweight walls to completely enclose a 10×10 pop up tent. For heavy-duty daily use or other tent sizes, check out our Professional Food Booth Sidewalls.

One wall includes two pre-cut windows for food service: just unzip, roll up the screen, and latch in place out of the way. All the walls zip together on the sides to keep bugs out, and the middle-zipper on one wall allows staff to easily go in and out of the booth. Fine black mesh covers the top section (4.4′) and lightweight black fabric covers the bottom of the tent, hiding your equipment from view. All materials are certified for fire-retardant codes.

Sidewall Features
1. Lightweight Black Mesh
2. Lightweight Black Fabric with Silver Undercoating
3. Elastic Clasps to tie Walls to Tent Legs
4. Tie Hooks to tie Walls to Tent Trusses
5. Zippers on Both Sides
6. Certified and Labeled for CPAI-84 Fire Resistant Requirements

What’s in the Box:
-One (1) Food Booth Sidewall with Two (2) Pre-Sewn Windows
-One (1) Food Booth Sidewall with Middle Zipper
-Two (2) Food Booth Sidewalls
Tent sold separately

Download the Brochure for More Technical Details



WARNING: This item or an accessory to this item falls under California’s Proposition 65.

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 14 × 7 in


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