Keep cool in every inning.

BuyShade Custom Baseball Tent

From little league tents, to softball tents, to major league baseball tents, E-Z Up pop up tents provide scores of opportunities to promote sports events and teams, as well as promote your team’s other products and services.

BuyShade has an EZ Up tent in the size, shape, and quality your team requires. Bring the most striking benefits to athletes, leagues, and fans; marketing your team on pop up tents increases merchandise sales and team recognition while providing players the protection they need during the season.

  • Lightweight, Commercial, and Heavy Use Frames Available
  • Warranty Coverage Up to 7 Years
  • UV, Water, and Mold Resistant Fabrics

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    BuyShade baseball tent

    Recruit like the pros.

    Pop up baseball tents are one of the most mobile options for teams on the go to display merchandise, check in league teams and players for games, and bring in new talent to leagues. If someone has a question for the organizers or the coaches, they know where to make a beeline to.

    BuyShade’s E-Z Up tents are made to withstand multiple seasons of work, with graphics and hardware that are a cut above the competition. We work with everyone from small family contributions to university and major league athletic teams. You’ll get the same excellent order service, due diligence, and authentic product regardless of where you fall on that spectrum.

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