Follow your customers to the fun with exhibit tents.

So what’s the real value of exhibit tents? Warped Tour, comic conventions, MTG, your neighborhood street fair or city festival…a little shade and a little shopping is just what attendees need. No matter if the festival is national or local, a growing retail and service presence has been developing at music and food festivals across the United States, providing organizations more opportunities to interact with their customer base. A custom branded exhibit tent is the perfect place to meet and greet, and get out of the rush for a few minutes.

We’ve designed everything from food to makeup to major corporate brands’ tents for retail and branding efforts. Many of these companies tour with these events, and go on to use their exhibit tent at other venues. If you’re looking for something that will catch the eye, our design team will be happy to work up a one of a kind idea for you and your business.

Want to see it all? Check out our gallery!