Complete your display with our vendor booth tents.

BuyShade’s veteran presence in the custom tent industry makes us the best source for vendor booth tents. With our practical experience and creative ideas, we will optimize your marketing budget and create the best vendor booth for your buck, all aimed at increasing your success.

Our custom specialists are ready to design a display tent that will last you for years and look great. Here is a sampling of vendor booth usages and events from BuyShade customers.

  •         Ticket Sales
  •         First Aid and Emergency Booths
  •         Information Desks
  •         Art and Crafts Fairs
  •         Culinary Festivals
  •         Electronics & Technology Trade Shows
  •         Outdoor and Off-Road Motor Sports
  •         Tattoo Expos
  •         Sporting Events
  •         Music Festivals
vendor farmers market
Farmers Markets
vendor food booth
Food Booths
vendor festivals

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