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Custom Pop Up Tents

Custom tents are an integral part of event and company marketing. Looking your best is hugely important when investing in your image. Our specialty here at BuyShade is custom tents for all industries, small and large. Our expert staff provides exceptional one-on-one service and recommendations based on your needs and wants, and above all to achieve the goal for you to have a extraordinary personalized tent.

E-Z Up Custom Tents

The most popular size of pop-up tent, 10×10 custom tents are among the most versatile of branding products. These fit easily in tradeshows, outdoor events, athletic meets, in addition to countless other opportunities to advertise your branding. As the most frequently asked for of sizes, we offer several models that will fit multiple budgets and uses.

Professional Grade

7 Year Warranty | Best in Industry

  • Endeavor
  • Eclipse
  • Hut

Commercial Grade

5 Year Warranty | Frequent Use

  • Enterprise

Recreational Grade

3 Year Warranty | Light Use

  • Vantage
  • Pyramid
  • Dome
  • Vista

For a tent that extends your logo presence and space, 10×15 custom tents are a great solution. This is also one of the most practical answers for larger staff presence, team meets, and work area. We offer solutions in professional grade models for reliable support and durability.

Professional Grade

7 Year Warranty | Best in Industry

  • Endeavor
  • Eclipse

10×20 custom tents are the perfect setup for immersive displays, sporting displays and shelter. They also are an awesome opportunity for vending and food preparation. Due to the size of the frame, sturdy construction and high quality materials are essential. As a result, this has made our Eclipse Professional Grade Shelter the best solution available on the market to this day.

Professional Grade

7 Year Warranty | Best in Industry

  • Eclipse

Custom tents sometimes call for a more specialized size. This can be for in-store displays, vending space constraints, or also wanting something a little more exciting in shape and shade area. E-Z Up produces the best and original versions of the most popular specialty tents on the market, and BuyShade produces professional and beautiful graphics to suit.

Professional Grade

7 Year Warranty | Best in Industry

  • Eclipse 8×8
  • Speed Shelter 8×12

Commercial Grade

5 Year Warranty | Frequent Use

  • Vue 5×5
  • Hub 13×13

Recreational Grade

3 Year Warranty | Light Use

  • Vista 12×12

Get It When You Need It

custom tent rushes

Rush Orders

When deadlines are looming, all the details need to be perfect, and as a result last-second mix-ups are not acceptable. That’s our standard at BuyShade, and you can rest easy knowing that our design specialists are in your corner. Whether your custom tent is made on our standard schedule or with rush production, we triple-check every element at multiple production points. Turnaround time as fast as 24 hours is also available!

Fast & Easy

The way quotes should be.

We value your time as much as you do, and that’s why we will send your quotes and computer mock-ups on the same business day – usually within a few hours of your call or e-mail. We provide:

Best Price on E-Z Up Custom Products

Unlimited Mock-Ups & Free Samples

Itemized Estimates, No Hidden Fees

Dedicated Custom Design Specialists

Always Look Your Best

Authentic Products, Guaranteed Results.

Our custom tents are unlike anyone else’s. No other manufacturer comes close to the quality of our digital dye-sublimation printing and E-Z Up’s products. We want to have solutions for every customer, so as a result offer a wide range of pop-up tent sizes and prices to your needs. BuyShade also only uses frame models that have been proven to be good quality in person and not just on paper.

  • Industry Leading Warranties across all our frame models.
  • Authentic Products with over 30 years of excellence and patents
  • Professional and knowledgeable design team
  • Parts and replacements support with every purchase
E-Z Up Tent from BuyShade

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