Can you design the custom tent for me?

Absolutely! We love to do unique builds for clients. If you want something a little off the beaten path, we’ll get you paired up with a senior designer ASAP.

What about designing other products?

Yes, we’ll design for any printed product that we offer on our website. Your custom specialist might recommend something from our catalog as well. If you’re not sure if we make it, just ask!

Can you design a full logo or other media for me?

You need to provide your own logo. Designing a logo is designing your brand’s identity. While we’re happy to make your business stand out with great graphics, we do not design logos, websites, paper media, and other foundational illustrations. We’re focused on what we do best: tents and promotional materials! If we come up with something you want to use later for your business, that’s great, but the base logos and photos will need to come from you directly. We can, however, convert currently existing graphics to vector files for printing purposes.

How many colors can I print?

As many as you want. Almost all of our standard printing is full bleed digital, which does not require costly screen set-ups. If you have Pantone colors you’re trying to match, let us know. We’ll do our best to keep everything consistent across your brand.

What does full bleed digital mean?

Full bleed digital means the print goes from edge to edge of the fabric. Unlike silkscreen or heat transfer methods, full bleed digital does not have an edge to the printing. That means no weak points for cracks and peeling to begin at. We almost always recommend full bleed digital printing for the longevity and color matching ability.

Does a 24-Hour Rush mean I’ll have my order the day after the order is placed?

No. By 24 hours, we meant that your 24 Hour FastTrack order will be designed, printed, and assembled within 24 hours. This is provided that the order is placed by that day’s FastTrack cut-off time. 99.9% of the time, the tent or other products need to ship, which unfortunately is at least one extra day when using overnight shipping. If you are able to pick up at the production warehouse in Norco, you may do so in the afternoon the following day from your order. Please call your representative to confirm the completion date.

Are your tents authentic E-Z Up product?

Yes. We work directly with E-Z Up, and do not source tents from other companies. We stand behind the quality of the E-Z Up brand. This is due to their durability, which simply isn’t present in other pop-up tents by competitors.

Why do you not sell all the models of E-Z Up tent?

We sell tents we can print on and reliably guarantee a frame warranty of three years or longer. We want you to love your tent. There are very low budget E-Z Up tents on the market, but they are also not the best choice for printing. These frames are typically intended for very light personal use. We’d rather pick the models that our customers have had great results with consistently.

How long does it take to make the custom tents?

For standard production, it’s safest to plan for 8-to-10 business days. We can make certain tent models in as quick as 5 days with standard production but with a few logo placement rules. If you’re not sure what you want to do yet or have specific instructions or quantities you want, we recommend writing in for a quote. (Even if it feels a bit early!) With shipping, it’s best to budget about three weeks in total from the order date to arrival at your doorstep.

Can you print on tent tops I already have?

We will not be able to. The digital printing process and fabric coatings that E-Z Up uses for longevity cannot be altered after the tents are manufactured. The different wear and tear on in-use items also makes it tricky to guarantee the final print quality. If you have a commercial or professional grade tent frame, we can likely make you a new top with your printing on it. Just ask one of our designers about your model of frame.

Can you make tent tops for other manufacturers’ tent frames?

Unfortunately no. E-Z Up uses several proprietary features on their frames and canopies that increase durability and finish, but are not compatible with other tent manufacturers. We recommend checking first with the original manufacturer to see if they are still producing tops for your tent model. If not, we’re also always happy to help you find a solution that will get you your printing and a quality frame to replace your old one.

Are your tents waterproof?

They are water-resistant and mold resistant, and are appropriate for light showers. That being said, the real issue is that pop-up tents are not designed to withstand heavy rain, as the water pools in the fabric on top and becomes a weight on the frame. After a certain threshold, this will damage the trusses and bend the frame, so we never recommend using any pop-ups for harsh weather. If you need a permanent outdoor structure, we recommend looking into our Event Tents by Tentnology.

Are your tents fire-retardant?

 Our tents are fire retardant, and are approved for both indoor and outdoor use. Please note that if you are using open flames for cooking or demonstration that you still need to adequately vent the tent to avoid damaging the fabric.  These are the requirements our tents meet for flame resistance:

California State Fire Marshal, Title 19, Subchapter 1, Article 4 section 332 (a) (2).
CAN/ULC-S109 National Standard of Canada, Flame Tests of Flame-Resistant Fabrics and Films
DIN 4102-1 Class B1 of the German Fire Test Specification
EN 13501-1 Classification B-s1, d0 European Fire Test

Can I leave my tent outside?

Yes, but be sure to weigh it down and plan to bring it in during bad weather. Not planning for windy days is one of the main user errors we see.  Use a weight or stake of some kind no matter the venue. (We sell professional quality weight bags and stake kits, but have seen some really clever home grown ideas when you’re in a pinch.) You’ll be happy when that one random windy day doesn’t take off with your tent!

You might see some discoloration with extended time in the sun. Our tent fabric products are guaranteed for the first year after purchase, but even the mightiest fabric will struggle when in direct sunlight 365 days of the year.

Do you sell parts?

We sell replacement frames and canopies for our commercial and professional grade tents to the public. Individual frame parts are sold or given to our customers that have an active warranty for us to service. (In these instances, we can confirm the original order and product from the purchase.) If you bought your tent with another vendor such as Amazon, Sam’s Club, or Costco, you will need to speak with E-Z Up’s parts department to confirm the availability of the parts.

Where are your offices located?

Sunny California! Our design office is in Orange County, close to the beach where an E-Z Up tent is right at home.

Can I come look at the tents at your Orange County office?

The tents are not at the Orange County office, just the designers. For in-person pickup for Will-Call orders and demo tents, you’ll need to go to the E-Z Up production warehouse in Norco, CA.

Who do you ship with?

BuyShade ships exclusively with FedEx. For both standard orders and custom graphics, we’ve found FedEx to be the most consistent with delivery times and reliable tracking. If you have questions about shipping times, please feel free to give us a call. We’ll quote you on the transit time to your area. Generally speaking 3 to 4 days by FedEx Ground is the norm.

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