Custom 10x15 Tents & Canopies

The 10×15 canopy is the next step up for most organizations doing events and shows that need to expand with their business or maybe draw more attention in a crowd. The peak of the 10×15 tent is wider than the standard print area of a pop up tent, which means maximizing your visual advertising reach is easier.

Custom 10x15 canopies stand out.

The range of models includes the popular Eclipse frame and more recently the Endeavor, which are particular favorites for high schools, car shows, and food vendors needing that little extra bit of space, as well as other vendors and companies. A wide range of accessories for printing and space definition allows for even more customization than just the tent top.

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#1 Best Selling Instant Shelters.

As the original designer of the instant shelter, E-Z Up still makes the best pop up tents in the world, constantly innovating and improving our products. The 10×15 pop up was developed as a solution to the need for more space without frustrating old school tent assembly methods. They are now amongst the most popular canopy options for athletics and vendors doing promotions for their events.

Our 10×15 pop-ups are the best available on the market, with high quality construction and printing standards. Our portfolio of clients includes major brands and campaigns just as much as local businesses. However, we like to let the products speak for themselves. We trust our graphics so much, we guarantee your 10×15 logo tent won’t chip, fade, or peel for one whole year.

We want the best tent for you.

We feel that our business is most successful when you are successful, so we do everything we can to make sure your custom tent project is exactly what you need, from custom 10×15 tents and beyond that. Getting you the right item is our priority; no pushy sales people, no confusing pricing.

Available Models

Professional Grade

7 Year Warranty | Best in Industry
  • Endeavor
  • Eclipse

Why Only Professional Grade?

Larger pop up tents like 10×15 and 10×20 sizes have more weight to bear in their middle. Cheap frames very often begin breaking down quickly. This causes fabric to droop, the trusses to not fully expand, or in some cases a full break of a truss. In these inexpensive models, we’ve seen this happen as quickly as after one or two uses.

E-Z Up brand custom tents in these sizes are constructed with only the strongest model frames. These are the Endeavor and Eclipse lines, which rank highly all across the board. If you’re paying for that much surface area to print, it’s important that the structure beneath it be sturdy and dependable!

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Get your branded tent started today, on time, on budget, and with service you deserve.