Custom Tent Accessories

Custom sidewalls send a big message.

Enhance your custom tents with custom sidewalls. Our customers add custom tent sidewalls to reinforce their branding, to feature secondary logos, and to create fully customized booth experiences.

All E-Z Up Sidewalls are available in the same 19 custom colors as the pop up tents. For added visual interest, select a different color for the sidewalls than the tent top — the contrast will make make your display booth stand out in a crowd. We utilize innovative technology and high-quality materials to ensure your logo or design will be vibrant, amazing, and long-lasting. All of our graphics come with an industry-best 1-year warranty – no chipping, fading, or peeling guaranteed.

custom tent sidewall buyshade

Styles Available:

  • Solid Professional Sidewalls, with Middle Zipper options
  • Panorama Sidewalls with clear, marine-grade vinyl
  • Food Booth Sidewalls with food-service certified mesh
  • Food Booth Sidewalls with Velcro roll-up window cutouts
standard sidewall buyshade
middle zipper sidewall buyshade
food booth sidewall buyshade
panaroma clear sidewall buyshade

Rail skirts complete the look.

Custom rail skirts transform your pop up tent into an exhibit area. At busy venues, rail skirt tent accessories allow you to separate your display booth from walkways, creating an organized oasis. The printed exterior also doubles as additional advertising space for your logos or brand messaging.

Like our E-Z Up custom tents, we use only the highest quality printing for your personalized rail skirts. Unlike cheap knock-off versions, custom E-Z UP rail skirts have premium steel hardware to support the printed fabric. A hinged top rail spans the entire width and a leg in the center provides stability, guaranteeing that your message will always be straight and clear — not droopy or hidden.

  • Single-Sided and Double-Sided Dye Sublimation Printing
  • Secure locking mechanism designed for E-Z UP compatibility.
  • 2-Year Warranty on hardware, independent of your tent frame.
  • For use on E-Z UP tents only – please call us for compatibility.
Railskirt Singlesided buyshade
Railskirt doublesided buyshade

Do more than wave your banner.

The best selection of custom banners is at Create custom signage for your storefront, freestanding logo banners for outdoor events, or display banners for a trade show booth. Our brilliant graphics will make your custom printed banners the star of every event, matched to your needs.

Our years of experience helps you find a solution quickly. BuyShade design specialists will guide you to the right custom banner for your project, and we can incorporate your logo into a unique, eye-catching design.

Popular Styles Include:

  • Pop Up Signage
  • Roll Up Banners
  • Pop-Up Tent Sky Banners
  • Hanging Banners
  • Standing Walls and Rails
custom banners

Expand your visibility upwards.

Be the center of attention at your next event with colorful custom flags; your flag will tower over the crowds as the tallest landmark around. With the heightened visibility from a personalized flag or two, all the foot traffic will converge on your display tent, so prepare to say hello and shake a few hands!

From 3-foot miniature flags for table displays to towering flags over 20 feet tall, BuyShade has the flag size you seek. We can even customize flags to any requested dimensions. The image table here shows just a sampling of the most popular flag sizes.

custom flags

Pull up a chair just for you.

Staying energized throughout a daylong event can be tough, especially if you’re on your feet. Custom directors chairs give you a chance to sit and rest, plus add a layer to your marketing. Comfortable, compact, and low-maintenance, these BuyShade promo chairs have been tested and proven as great for travel. It’s time to hit the road and spread the word!

  • 17 canvas colors
  • 5 frame finishes
  • Available for rush orders — contact us for a quote!
custom directors chair banner

Backwards Compatibility

Revisiting a project you’ve done in the past or wanting to add-on to your E-Z Up tent? Our tents boast some of the best longevity in the industry in part because of their excellent backwards compatibility in their commercial and professional models. Let us help you outfit your E-Z Up tent with the extra accessories you need to stand out at your next event. Our senior design specialists will be happy to assist you in choosing the best products for your pop-up. Ready to get started? Contact us for a quote today.