Why print with E-Z Up and BuyShade?

E-Z Up tent quality is a huge factor behind the name E-Z Up becoming synonymous with a pop up tent. It’s one of the main reasons BuyShade uses E-Z Up products exclusively for our custom printing. While we get lots of standard and oddball questions from our customers, the one we love to answer is “why go with BuyShade and E-Z Up over a competitor?”

  • The Original & The Best:

We offer the #1 best-selling instant shelters in the world. E-Z UP created the original pop up tent. For more than 30 years we have continued to lead the industry. We actively innovate and evolve our product lines, and as a result we have numerous patents that protect our exclusive features. That’s why we’re so into E-Z Up tent quality and results!

  • Fabric & Printing:

Our professional polyester fabric minimizes wrinkles and has the ability to hold vibrant color. E-Z Up has engineered this heavy-duty fabric for regular outdoor use. A major feature is its ability to withstand the rigors of the scrunching that occurs every time the tent is opened and closed. The fabric is also specially designed to be the ideal substrate for our award-winning printing.

  • Frame & Usage:

When you purchase a commercial or professional grade E-Z Up frame, you know you’ll be getting years of service. Both the tent and the hardware itself have longevity, as the majority of the products are designed with backwards compatibility and parts support in mind. We know several examples of customers that have continued to use the same frame long after their purchase. Instead they upgrade their canopy graphics as needed as their marketing evolves!

We regularly test our competitors’ products, and we can say with confidence that nothing compares to what we offer. There are lower-ticket options out there that on Day 1 can look similar to our tents. But if you are looking for a professional product—durable, reliable, presentable—then nothing comes close to our products and graphics. Combined with the fact that our tents typically last twice as long as the other guys’ tents, you will definitely appreciate our tents’ superior quality and longevity.

  • Ask the experts – there’s a bunch of us!

We want to put you in a custom tent that will last you and your organization as long as possible. Having you come back to us when you’re ready for your next project is it’s own reward! We’re not here to make you purchase something that’s not the right fit. Knowing the different grades of E-Z Up tent quality is a big factor in our staff training and customer interaction, and being able to give real feedback and advice makes for happier transactions and the best possible designs to make you stand out.

Sometimes you need to change your design a few extra times. We’re not in the business of punishing you for that like some of the competition. Revisions are always free and welcome as we know projects change. Sometimes a change of phrase or including a different graphic can make all the difference on presentation. If you’re unsure on what to go with, we’d love to give you a call and walk you through the options.

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