Unislope Large Event Tent


Our premium event tents are the best in the industry, winning awards for their smart designs and backed with 10-year warranties. Customized with your logos or marketing design, they attain even greater value by contributing to your advertising strategies, brand awareness, and overall event atmosphere.

We help thousands of clients every year plan and create custom pop ups and event tents. These clients come to BuyShade for our excellent products and reputation. We can handle every detail of your project:  creative concept, artwork setup, fabrication, and shipping. That being said, here’s a few basics about large scale event tents:


  • Semi-permanent and large event tents are not pop-ups – they need to be assembled, and will require multiple people for setup and takedown.


  • We recommend event tents for large companies, event groups, and clients that have use for the tent either year round, for 4 or more events yearly, or use once or twice over multiple years – if you are using it less than that, it is often more cost effective to rent.


  • Our event tents are for purchase only. We do not rent. 


BuyShade offers a large selection of clear-span tents. Our custom event tents cover a wide range of sizes, as well as modular tents that can add and extend to any size you need. All of our tents can be enclosed with options for solid walls, window walls, curtain openings, and doors for intimate or cold-weather events.

All of our event tents are manufactured by Tentnology, an innovative and trusted name in the fabric structure industry. These party tents have housed some of the largest and most high-profile events across the globe. Tentnology holds several patents for their unique designs. Less obvious but most noteworthy, precise engineering and high-grade materials unite for sound structural integrity in each tent model.

modular Marquee tent setup with Saddle Span
custom printed Marquee with sidewalls

At first glance, the Marquee event tent looks like a “traditional” outdoor tent. But look closer, and you will find differences that impress. For starters, our tensioned top is always smooth and taut. No sagging or wrinkling to distort your logo here! The high, airy peaks welcome guests at resorts or hospitality events and provide ample space for practical applications like catering or merchandising.

  • Square, rectangle, triangle, and hexagon shapes
  • Various sizes from 10’x10’ to 30’x30’
  • Assemble and arrange for custom-built and special shade installations
Mega tent from Tentnology

Thanks to its ingenious design features, the Mega party tent covers a 40’x40’ space with only four corner poles. Adjacent areas can be covered by building off of the primary structure, allowing this custom event tent to efficiently expand to any size.

An integrated gutter system drains water off the canopy and away from the tent, making it a truly all-weather tent. With or without your custom logos, install the Mega custom event tent at dealerships, country clubs, sports facilities, hospitals or anywhere that could benefit from permanent or temporary shade.

T-Span Tentnology Tent

For long gallery or hall style fabric structures, T-Span tents deliver what you need most:

  • clear span interiors,
  • size options for widths and expandable lengths,
  • optional hard sidings.

The A-frame shape of the tent works well for entertainment spaces; create a concert venue, build a theater house, or house a film set for long or short-term usage. With absolutely no center support poles cluttering the inside, you can bring the outdoors in by covering sports fields & courts, graduation ceremonies, or even archaeological digs.

saddle span tab

The one-of-a-kind SaddleSpan tent becomes the centerpiece of any event. These majestic tension fabric buildings are an original design only available from Tentnology.

The style is a futuristic and graceful design; yet the SaddleSpan series is incredibly versatile and can serve as broad, open roofs or enclosed shelters. For a special event tent, the SaddleSpan radial assembly provides an amazing setting for equally memorable celebrations.


Expect great things.

Event tents are an investment purchase for your business, with a long life of opportunities for use. Unlike pop-up tents, these can serve as permanent outdoor structures, and support huge amounts of hardware for events and shows. With that comes some prep work!
Depending on the style and scale of your project, please allow 1 to 2 months for production and delivery of your custom event tents. Faster turnaround is possible for single-unit projects. Additional accommodations can be made by our team, so please contact us so we can find a solution for you.

event tent practicalities

All of the tent models set up easily with no special skills required. The patented designs take the work out of assembly, and most units require only simple tools. We will provide illustrated manuals, and our tent experts are always available to answer any questions or to provide certificates or reports to help with obtaining permits.

The time needed to setup your custom event tent will depend on the size and number of tent components. An experienced two-man team can fully set up a basic Marquee unit in ten minutes or less.


Your next big event is only missing one thing -- your tent!

BuyShade is here to help you build a memorable experience for your clients.