Make A Statement with Custom Sidewalls!
Strengthen your brand’s image with purchasing our tents and custom sidewalls. Feature your brand’s logo and business name on custom tents and accessories to gain greater awareness of your brand. With 19 canopy colors to choose from and a comprehensive range of accessories, you can create the perfect tent for your business with BuyShade!

At BuyShade, we provide extraordinary custom tents with sidewalls for a myriad of vendors on a regular basis. Our tents are designed to stand above the crowd and beckon to sauntering patrons with enticing logos and vivid colors.

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What are Tents with Sidewalls?

Tents with sidewalls are tents with a fabric barrier on some or all sides, usually to create an enclosure. There are many reasons to use sidewalls. They keep the weather, such as the sun and rain, from disrupting events and keeping the people beneath the tent comfortable. We often see these used for athletic purposes and vendor setups to create privacy. Once done with your event, our tents can be simply folded up and packed to be used for future events. Sidewalls fold into small pouches for easy storage.

Besides providing protection from the elements and creating an isolated space, they can be an excellent way to advertise your business! Beautiful tents and sidewalls with your logo and business name can be a great way to make a good impression on your buyers. These can be used for menus, lists of services, or even just large logos and graphics to make a big impact. With multiple colors and designs to choose from, BuyShade has got you covered in getting you the perfect canopy for your event!

Benefits of Tents with Sidewalls

Many organizers of outdoor events argue that sidewalls are mandatory when purchasing a custom tent. Solid sidewalls, which are installed along the sides of the tent, can provide additional privacy to patrons and can be used to conceal equipment that could be an eyesore. Installing sidewalls also provide additional protection from the elements, especially in severe weather conditions.

Sidewalls with clear vinyl or mesh can be used to gain all of these benefits without obstructing the view for patrons, as well as maintaining sanitation standards for food preparation and cooking.

These sidewalls can be customized with your preferred design and can be placed on any side of your tent. Create a good impression on your patrons by creating custom tents with sidewalls at BuyShade!

Our Popular Products for Tents with Sidewalls

If you want to make a statement, there is no better way than with a custom tent from BuyShade. Below is a short list of our most popular tent frame options:

Eclipse 8×8
Eclipse 8×8
Enterprise 10×10
Eclipse 10x10

Complete your setup by adding sidewalls to your tent as well! Below is a short list of our unprinted style options:

10’ Sidewalls
10’ Middle Zipper
10’ Food Booth Wall
10’ Panorama Wall

Choose BuyShade for High-Quality Tents with Sidewalls

At BuyShade, we have built a strong reputation when it comes to selling custom-tailored tents to customers nationwide. We are committed to providing patrons with the best value for their respective budget requirements. Our merchandise is designed to last longer than those of our competitors. We personalize our solutions, making sure that it will meet our clients’ varying needs. We can also help customers decide on the best tent design for their future projects.

Our capable and friendly staff make it easier for you to sort out your project details. We promise to work within your project specs, use excellent quality materials, and create solutions for the best display, shelter, or marketing opportunity that will make your endeavors successful all the time.

If you have any inquiries about our expertise in tents with sidewalls, feel free to contact us today

Simply call us at (866) 289-3987 or send an email to info@buyshade.com.


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