Custom Order Terms

The following terms exist so you can feel confident and protected when placing an order with BuyShade. Our ideal is for you to love your custom-printed product, and we will do everything in our power to make that a reality. The steps below detail the shared responsibility between BuyShade, an honest merchant, and you, our customer, to ensure a smooth completion to your project

Before Delivery

Inspect Your Proof

We create a virtual rendition of your custom-printed product(s) because that\’s the best way for you to visualize what you are buying. Please take the time to inspect your proof closely. Ultimately, you are the best person to identify an outdated logo, a misspelled name, or any other error of the print design.

Consider Colors

Your computer screen or phone screen uses light to display digital colors. Your printed logo will use pigment and/or ink to create physical colors. Because of this difference, it is normal for the color you see on your proof to vary slightly from the actual printed color. If exact color-matching is vital to your project, please tell your project specialist. The best way to ensure consistent colors across your branding is to specify a Pantone reference (PMS number). In simple terms, Pantone is a precise and universal index of colors; designating PMS colors gives our production and QC staffs a means to verify that your color prints correctly. If you provide a Pantone reference and the printed product comes out wrong, we will fix it.

Plan for Turnaround

Standard production time is about 10 business days; we will confirm your locked-in ship date and estimated delivery date as soon as we have completed processing your order. If you have an important upcoming event or in hands date, please let us know as soon as you can. Any changes to the shipping method or address must be made no later than 24 hours before the scheduled ship date of course, sooner is better.

After Delivery

Open Your Packages

When your packages arrive, open them up and check the contents. Use your final proof and invoice as a checklist to make sure everything you received is as you wanted. Please inform us immediately if anything seems incorrect, damaged, or missing.

Educate Yourself

Your E-Z UP shelter includes an owner’s manual in the box. With easy to follow diagrams and straight-forward care instructions, read (or skim) the manual to learn the best practices that will make your E-Z UP investment last for many years

Big Print

We sell great products that make happy customers (plus we\’re nice people), so we don\’t have anything to hide in fine print. Whatever you need to feel comfortable making your purchase, just let us know. We routinely provide prospective customers with custom print samples, scale template proofs, detailed 3D mock ups, vector artwork redrawing, and more. Due to the custom nature of the product & service we provide, all sales are final once production begins. However, we understand that our obligation to you does not end at delivery. Should you be dissatisfied after receiving your product, we will work with you until you are satisfied.