Clubs and small business can make small budgets work with custom recreational tents

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Simple Personalized Tents

At BuyShade.com, we love working with small business and local organizations. We know you’re budget-conscious but still want to look good at community events, tailgates, or street sales. You will be proud to represent your brand with one of these affordable customized tents, and you won’t have to break the bank. Read More »
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Custom Recreational Tent:  Affordable, personal, and smart.

As a successful business, at BuyShade.com we appreciate the value in time-saving and money-smart tools, and we guarantee that our custom recreational tents fit the bill. Personalized custom tents are a great advertising mechanism, and E-Z Up pop up tents literally pop open in minutes, making them easy for anyone to use. Whether you are an entrepreneur with a fledgling bike shop or a veteran industrial manufacturer, a custom pop up tent from BuyShade.com is an advantageous asset and a smart buy.

BuyShade Dependability:  For today, tomorrow, and down the road.

At BuyShade.com, our aim is simple:  make happy customers. We achieve that by providing quality-made products and friendly service every day. As our customer, you will receive one-on-one custom tent consultations from your dedicated design specialist. It's a personal approach that provides you with a more pleasant planning process and results in a superior finished custom pop up tent.

Staying under budget on your custom tent project is important. It is equally important to make an investment in a custom tent that lasts. All BuyShade.com personalized tents include a 1-year warranty for graphics; we guarantee no peeling, chipping, bleeding or fading, or we will replace it free. That's the kind of steadfast and reliable people we are, and we know you will appreciate that service today and years from now.

Personal Touch:  Make a statement with logos.

personalized tent sample shown catalan catering logo on ezup express recreational tent There are so many places to take a pop up tent:  craft fairs, bake sales, soccer games, company picnics, classic car shows… Thinking of your tent as a shelter and shady place is overly simplistic, and completely overlooks the potential to advertise your cause or engage customers.

Simply by adding your name and logo, a plain canopy transforms into a powerful marketing tool. With a little boost from BuyShade.com, your tent vaults to a higher level of exciting and meaningful publicity – and your next event might also bring your next big opportunity.

Budget Friendly:  Affordable personalized tents.

You can count on BuyShade.com to have the best prices for custom pop up tents! We offer wholesale rates to every customer, so you don’t have to wait for a special discount day or know a secret password to get a deluxe deal on a customized tent.

Dome 1 valance $239 1 peak $449 Pyramid 1 valance $299 1 peak $399 BuyShade button quick quote

With our variety of customization options, you can make your tent as simple or fancy as you want! Whatever your budget, our custom specialists can help you create a thoughtful design to make your logo and company information stand out.

100% Satisfaction.
Every product on BuyShade.com is subjected to rigorous testing before we make it available to our customers, so we can confidently provide a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on your purchase.