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A custom tent is more than just a business expense; it is a representative of your company and an investment, and as such only the best graphics and pop up tent hardware should be acceptable. For such a delicate and important project, you need to work with someone you can trust! At BuyShade.com our expert staff provides exceptional one-on-one service and honest recommendations, all to achieve the goal for you to have a truly extraordinary personalized tent. Call us today to speak with a live specialist who can answer all your questions.

Get it When You Need It:   The best turnaround in the biz.

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When deadlines are looming, all the details need to be unequivocally perfect because last-second mix-ups are not acceptable. That’s our standard here at BuyShade, and you will rest easy knowing that your project is in our hands. Whether your custom tent is made on our standard, 10-day schedule or with rush production, we triple-check every element at multiple production points. So not only will your personalized pop up arrive on time, it will be picture perfect!

Start with Size:   From mini kiosks to grand canopies.

Our specialty here at BuyShade.com is custom tents, for businesses and clubs, small and large. Whether you need a giant tent to host a horde or a petite pop up for a photo booth, we have it. Then it’s a snap for us to jazz it up with your logos for a personalized tent that really stands out, whatever its size.

BuyShade.com 10x10 custom tent sample San Francisco Road Runners Club digital printing BuyShade.com 10x15 custom tent sample iSports TV digital printing BuyShade.com 10x20 custom tent sample action profiles digital printing
10' x 10' Custom Tents 10' x 15' Custom Tents 10' x 20' Custom Tents

All Sizes:    5x5  |   8x8  |   8x12  | 10x10 | 10x15 | 10x20 | 12x12 | 13x13 | 16x16

Always Look Your Best:   Invest in graphics that last.

BuyShade uses high end printing process to create dynamic stunning customized tents Our Custom Tents are the envy of the industry—nobody else comes close to the quality of our silk screening and digital dye-sublimation printing. Whether you need to promote your brand or increase your visibility, our graphics you will make you the star of every event!

Our design specialists are highly trained experts and creative geniuses, so request a Quick Quote now to get started with an estimate and FREE computer rendition for your project.

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Fast & Easy:   The way quotes should be.

With one quick e-mail or phone call, we will connect you with one of our experienced custom specialists who will get the ball rolling on your custom tent project. We value your time as much as you do, and that’s why we will send your quotes and computer mock-ups on the same business day—usually within a few hours of your call or e-mail. Once you receive your quote, you will appreciate its detail and clarity. No indecipherable codes, no technical jargon, and no sketchy “package” prices – just simple line items so you can quickly and easily make a decision.

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Start with Durability:   Best suited for the work you do.

To get the best bang-for-your-buck on your custom tent, consider both the durability of the tent structure AND the quality of the printing. If you need a tent that will last several years, spend more for a heavy-duty tent and save on the custom printing. You can always upgrade a custom top to one with bigger and better graphics when you have the budget.

Best Pop Up Tents eclipse 10x10 and 10x15 with logos commercial pop up tents sample enterprise 10x10 tent with logos recreational custom tents dome and pyramid with logos
Best Pop Up Tents Commercial Pop Up Tents Recreational Tents

Start with Colors:   Because branding matters.

Color is one of the most distinct elements of any company or organization branding. With that in mind, you can stand out and get recognized by thoughtfully using color in your custom tent design. And if you can't choose just one color, that's no problem—just ask a BuyShade specialist how you can incorporate multiple fabric colors on your tent. We also offer Camouflage print fabric for many of our tents.

Standard Colorsavailable for most tent models
True Royal Blue Bright Red Bright White True Black Light Natural Tan
Custom Colorsavailable for most professional and commercial tent models
Silver Turquoise Lilac Light Rose Pink Vivid Orange Medium Brown Beige Vivid Yellow Kelly Green
Medium Powder Blue Dark Navy Blue Grape Purple Deep Pink Fuschia Dark Burgundy Dark Chocolate Brown Golden Yellow Dark Forest Green
Full-Digital Printingprint any color, gradient, or pattern
full color spectrum digitally print any color gradient or pattern

Start with Best Sellers:   Versatile and reliable for all occasions.

We want to have solutions for every customer, so we offer a wide range of tent sizes and prices to meet any need. Whether you need a simple tent for a local fair, or a complete promo booth for a national tradeshow, one of these popular custom tents is a great place to start.

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Every product on BuyShade.com is subjected to rigorous testing before we make it available to our customers, so we can confidently provide a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on your purchase.