custom printed embroidery logos for aluminum ezup directors chair and classic hardwood directors chairs

Custom Directors Chairs

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Staying energized throughout a daylong event can be tough, especially if you’re on your feet. Custom directors chairs give you a chance to sit and rest, plus add a layer to your marketing. Comfortable, compact, and low-maintenance, these BuyShade promo chairs have been tested and proven as great for travel. It's time to hit the road and spread the word!

Personalized Folding Chairs:  Star treatment for everyone.

Size chart of directors chairs from BuyShade including tall bar chairs standard table chair

Custom Color:  Promo chairs enhance your branding.

Aluminum ChairsClassic black
TrueBlack Black canvas and black powder-coated frame
Hardwood Chairs17 canvas colors
Bright White Dark Burgundy Deep Reddish Pink Medium Red Medium Orange Bright Yellow
Navy and White Stripe Dark Navy Blue Royal Blue Purple Sailor Blue Bright Periwinkle Caribbean Aqua
Hunter and White Stripe Drab Olive Green Khaki Light Tan Mocha Dark Brown Soft Black
Hardwood Chairs4 frame finishes
natural stain wood finish walnut stain wood finish Bright White Ebony Black  
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