I just want you to know that one of your employees, Emily, is exceptional. When I originally was looking for info on a couple of models of E-Z ups, I contacted several companies. Emily was the first to respond back with the info I asked for. But, like usual, I had many more questions. She was very helpful, and always quick in responding back to me, and in a very polite manner. Good customer service like this is hard to find these days. When I was looking for accessories for the E-Z up, once again Emily was the first one to respond to my requests. I actually found the items cheaper, but I purchased through Buy Shade because of the excellent customer service I received from Emily. You have a wonderful employee.
Bill K.
Top notch. Fast response to proofs was very nice. I chose buyshade.com because I liked the website layout and pricing. I appreciate your service, thanks!
Thanks for your help. We love our ez-up. It’s a great advertisement for us!
Jennifer Williams
I was and continue to be blown away with the level of professionalism BuyShade exhibits. I couldn’t ask for a better experience. I shopped around for an hour and BuyShade.com’s value and ease of process from start to finish made my decision easy.
Jarred V.
Your fantastic to work with!!
The quote provided came the same day as my request for one. The delivery of the items came promptly as well. In order for the consumer(s) who already have your products, perhaps you could email them with updates and advertisements of current discounted items or send out catalogs.
Carl S.
Thanks for all the help in getting the canopy repaired! Just last Thursday, we worked a MILK event at Twain Elementary here in Lakewood and obtained 90 customer contacts! you are the best vendor we have.
Tom Q
I just finalized the paperwork here at my company to close out this purchase from our accounting records standpoint. In doing so, I was reminded of how pleasurable it was to work with you on a simple, but customized and urgent request. The shade arrived on time and perfect for what I wanted. My experience with your company was outstanding.
Tom Collins
Hello, I’m a proud and satisfied customer and wanted to let you know about the excellent customer service I received from your employee Nicole. I appreciate her professionalism. I tell people where I got my EZ-UP when they comment on my nice canopy.THANKS AGAIN!
Sean Matthews
If customer service was the sole criteria for winning the bid for our canopy, you guys would win hands down!!! Thanks again and I will look for your package in the mail.