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E-Z Up Hut 10×10 Tent

Hut 10×10


Stand out from your neighbors with the different tent in the line-up. A unique gable peak on the Hut 10×10 makes for a strong color silhouette, with all the benefits of a commercial grade steel frame.    

  • Professional Grade Frame, 7-Year Warranty
  • Fan Favorite for Retail, Food Booths, and Outdoor Events  
  • Available in 19 Canopy Colors and 1 Frame Color
Pyramid 10x10

Pyramid 10×10


First you say it, then you see it — the Pyramid’s canopy frame structure makes a great tent for the additional height clearance on the interior for people standing or displays beneath it.      

  • Recreational Grade Frame, 3-Year Warranty
  • Customer Favorite for School Clubs, Tailgating, and Personal Use.
  • Available in 8 Color Combos

Work Cube Enclosure Kit


Full tent enclosure designed for work sites and pop-up service.  

  • Professional Grade Frame, Octagonal Legs, 7-Year Warranty
  • Mesh Windows with Dual Entry and Air Filtration Setup
  • Available in 2 Canopy Colors and 2 Aluminum Frame Colors