Emily, I appreciate the speed in which you processed the order. They were dragging there feet some but I couldn’t get through the red tape but I so greatly appreciate you getting i out so quickly.
Heather, I just wanted to say thank you for helping us out with our latest order. We were really in a bind but you and the BuyShade.com team came through! Thank you so much.
Kountry Kids Kettle Korn
Just wanted to let you know I am very pleased with my EZ Up set up. Business took off well this spring, and customers are impressed.
Melanie W
Thanks for your help. Great customer service experience by the way.
Thanks Nicole, your service is the best!!
I appreciate all your help on this. The tents are very well made and were much admired by all the residents and the “tourists” on our house tour!
Kitty Swanger
You have seriously been very helpful and informative for the entire time I’ve been dealing with the tent stuff! I’m still fairly new in the workforce, just started last year, so any help from outside vendors is much appreciated! Seriously, you guys have accommodated so many changes and I would recommend you to anyone!
Jacob Adams
Your customer service is outstanding!
Ellen Clark
Thank you for all your help. You’re fun to work with!
Carole M.
Everything arrived and it looks great! Thanks again for the quick turnaround! I will be in contact in the future regarding additional purchases.