Good prices and great service. Heather was excellent at keeping me assured that my order was on time. This was important to me because of my mess up waiting too long to order them and needing them fast. She took that in stride and was great.
Bill P.
Thank you, Emily, you have been a pleasure to work with; extremely efficient and professional!
Thanks a bunch. This has been an awesome experience.
Coach Guerrero
Heather, thanks for the great effort and impeccable customer service.
Mitchell Berkman
Thank you for all that you did and your service.
Thanks so much for everything it has been a wonderful experience working with your company we really appreciate it and will definitely refer you!
Katie Love
Thank you for all your help Danielle, your customer service has been exceptional! I appreciate you going above and beyond to help me help my client.
Jaquelyn Alvarez
I’d like to compliment one of your employees, Brigitte Besneatte, for the excellent service she provided me last week. Brigittte helped me as I submitted an intricate custom design for a 10×10 tent, rail skirts and backstop that needed to be completed on a quick deadline.

Brigitte’s professionalism and ability to help me get the project done quickly and with the correct specifications exceeded my expectations.

Such a commitment to great customer service is to be commended. She is a valuable employee and you can be sure that I will continue to do business with into the foreseeable future.

I also know that the owner of The Honey Foundation, Justin Clarke, shares my sentiments and had this to say about Brigitte and “She was dynamite from start to finish and I really enjoyed doing business with their company.”

Anyway, thanks again for the great service and I look forward to seeing the finished tent design.

Eric Jelinek
Looks good. You have great reviews online, and I see why. So patient and thorough.
5 stars! Great! Quick delivery- Haven’t used it yet …