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For superior quality tablecloths to suit any table, look no farther than BuyShade.com. Choose from our selection of round table covers in different styles and sizes to suit any occasion. Avoid that awkward makeshift look that comes from trying to make a square or rectangular cloth fit a round table. These fitted covers and throws will ensure that your round table has a tasteful and elegant look for your next event.

Make your next gathering a little more intimate and special with round tables instead of rectangular and set the mood with tablecloths perfectly designed to fit. Choose warm colors like chocolate, terra cotta, and goldenrod to stimulate the appetite, or select deep colors like plum and ruby to set a romantic mood. For a fundraiser or gala, sleek spandex covers will dress up your cocktail tables without tripping up your guests. Learn more with our Buying Guide »

BuyShade.com can custom size any order to suit your needs; just give us a call with your table’s dimensions. We love to find solutions for our customers, so don’t hesitate to contact us with any special requests or questions about our products.

Custom Logo Covers and Throws:   Simple and smart for business.

If you are sitting at a plain table at a convention, trade show or community event, then you are wasting a valuable advertising opportunity! Customize your order to add your business or organization name and logo out in front where it can attract the attention you deserve.

Made to last.

Our fitted spandex covers are made of professional polyester and fit standard height 30" and 48" round tables. The material is machine washable, made in the USA, wrinkle resistant and fire retardant. Our fitted and pleated throws are made of 100% polyester poplin for machine washable convenience. Available options include 100% recycled poly-poplin, water repellent poly-poplin and custom sizing. When you place your order, ask about a quantity discount if you're buying for a large-scale event or conference.

customize your table cover with your logo sample shown 8 foot throw west campus full color imprint click here to request a quick quote
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