13' x 13' Pop Up Tents

As pop up tent specialists, our number one, most important, very best piece of advice is buy quality. This is especially important when buying large pop up tents – large being anything greater than 10’x10’ – as the extra size requires good quality components to insure structural integrity. Our customers keep their E-Z Up tents for 5, 9, even 13 years without problems – how’s that for quality? Made with tough materials and sound construction, E-Z Up 13x13 pop up tents travel with you, set up in an instant, and are always ready for work or play.

BuyShade E-Z Up Hub in white
As low as $799.00
22 Colors
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ez-up veranda 12 by 12 large canopy tent two-tone top brown and khaki
As low as $239.00
1 Colors
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BuyShade Preferred Bungalow in Luxe
As low as $1,875.00
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