E-Z Up Replacement Canopies

If your pop up tent has seen better years, perhaps it's time for a fresh new tent top! Replacing a frayed and faded canopy can extend your shelter's usability, especially if the frame is still in solid condition.

For the right fit, make sure you choose a replacement canopy with the same make and model as the canopy cover you are replacing. As the original and industry leader in pop up tents, our E-Z Up® patented designs are unique to our E-Z Up brand products. There are other tent manufacturers whose tent sizes and shapes will be different, so please look for the E-Z Up patch on your tent top.

Having trouble identifying your tent's model or manufacturer? Think you have the right item, but want to make sure? With just a few easy questions, BuyShade's pop up tent experts can verify that the replacement canopy you are ordering will work with your tent. A quick phone call now could save you time and hassle down the road—so grab your tent and give us a call!

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