Street Fair Tents

All across America, cities and communities hold street fairs to party with neighborhood festivities, carnival rides, and folksy music whenever the skies are dry. Whereas flea market attendees usually arrive with the intent to spend money, street-fair-goers typically are primarily interested in celebrating and only secondarily consider shopping. So if you are a vendor at a street fair, you have your work cut out to attract and motivate those potential customers. A custom tent can help you get noticed at your event, even from a distance.

Custom E-Z Up Vista custom tent 12x12 with logos Riverside Cigar Shoppe
4 Colors
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E-Z Up Enterprise 10x10 pop up tent includes professional polyester top, high-strength steel frame and cover bag
As low as $399.00
22 Colors
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E-Z Up Eclipse 10x10 pop up tent includes professional polyester top, carbon steel frame and cover bag
As low as $549.00
22 Colors
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A Distinct Advantage:   Customization gives you a recognizable face.

Street fair booth ideas with arts and crafts and food vendors To stand out from other merchants on crowded streets, choose a brightly colored tent. Adding your logos or simple text can help buyers quickly identify your craft show tent amid the throng. Thoughtful custom touches can make your booth stand out to both new and returning customers.

Since street fairs characteristically highlight local flavor and culture, make your artists tent says something about yourself, your wares, or your community. Supplementary signage and personal details like your favorite music and mood lighting can encourage passersby to linger at your street fair tent. Don’t pass up the opportunity to flash a friendly smile and chat about the festivities!

street fair tent Keifer's Kettle Korn vendor booth The professional-grade fabrics of BuyShade's Custom Eclipse II offer loads of canopy space for splashing your logo as a digital or imprint graphic. Eclipse II tents—available in four sizes—come with a 5-year warranty for protecting your merchandise and your investment.

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