Flea Market Tents

E-Z Up market tents at flea markets, street fairs, and carnivals help protect your products and define your territory. With a customized flea market tent, you can advertise to the crowds and draw in more customers—an important step to making more sales.

Market Tents:   From unsavory origins to popular pastime.

Row of flea market tents with vendors displaying products Flea market tents have their roots in the mid 1800’s. The origins of the term “flea market” is disputed among historians, but the most accepted origins is the French phrase Marche aux Puces, meaning market with fleas. Apparently, French flea markets began with common people selling used furniture known for flea infestation at an agreed upon place each week. At a time when populations were expanding and demand for new and used merchandise was high, the idea of a communal selling place caught on and readily spread across the world, from Paris to Bangkok.

Spindaroos booth tent at a flea market Flea markets have retained their popularity into modern decades, and with even larger crowds the challenge of luring shoppers to merchants’ booth tents has never been more competitive. Possibly the best way to stand out from the crowd is to customize a pop up tent with graphics which explain your product at a glance. Flea market tents in distinctive colors can help potential buyers easily recognize a favorite seller or spot a credible merchant.

When it comes to distinguishing your flea market tent with logos, flags, and banners, the more conspicuous and flamboyant the better. Highly visible flea market tents are used as a landmark or meeting place for shoppers—and you want to be that tent! For ideas and recommendations, BuyShade’s custom specialists have years of experience working with professional marketing teams and small businesses. We’ll help you be the belle of the ball, so to speak, with our versatile array of pop up tents and other custom printable products.

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