Farmer’s Market Tents

Sunny sunflowers, plum plums, and original artwork are just some of the carefully cultivated gems worthy of protection from weighty fog, intense sun, and dripping rain with a farmer’s market tent. Farmers markets captivated the likes of Van Gogh and Cezanne with vibrant colors and the smell of fresh baked bread along the abundant food and flower trail. Extraordinary custom tents stand above the crowd and beckon to sauntering shoppers with bright colors and enticing logos. The busiest farmer’s market vendors use these tents week after week to rewarding results.

E-Z Up Enterprise 10x10 pop up tent includes professional polyester top, high-strength steel frame and cover bag
As low as $399.00
22 Colors
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E-Z Up Eclipse 10x10 pop up tent includes professional polyester top, carbon steel frame and cover bag
As low as $549.00
22 Colors
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BuyShade E-Z Up Custom Dome II Pop Up Canopy Tent in royal blue
4 Colors
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Attractive Market Canopy:   Beckon shoppers with custom graphics.

Custom E-Z Up Utility Research Garden farmer's market canopy Despite their intended destination, a farmer’s market tent in shimmering white, crimson red, or electrifying French blue lure customers to fresh produce and homemade craft fair tents. With a customized pop up tent designed by BuyShade, customers know what they can expect to find under your tent whether you are painting children’s faces, selling organic strawberries, or displaying original works of art.

Create an artistic and commercial marketing breakthrough with a custom farmer’s market tent your customers cannot forget. An exciting booth encourages customers to spread the word about your wholesome products and service to their friends and family during the week. With a cleverly designed farmer’s market tent, you can emerge as one of the most influential and acclaimed brands and attractions in the land of farmer’s market merchants. A distinctive tent helps you define your storefront territory.

Be sure to make signs for your brand, product, and prices. Custom table covers and adding custom flags to your pop up tent will lure customers away from your competitors selling similar items, and make customers excited about buying your locally grown produce or handmade crafts.

BuyShade’s distinctive pop up tents create a festive and cheery display and further establish your business as a commercial success. Every farmer’s market has size restrictions and requirements, although 10x10 pop up tents are standard for most farmer’s markets. BuyShade has an affordable farmer’s market tent to comply with your city’s or market’s guidelines. Be fully prepared for your next farmer’s market event, art fair, or crafts event by allowing us to help you make a memorable impression with a customized pop up tent.

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