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Amidst a sea of vendors, how do you make sure customers find you and not your competitors? Custom tents expand your vendor booth footprint and organizes your physical presence to make you stand out in a crowd. Logos and custom graphics identify your stand for returning customers and build name recognition for new ones. In business every opportunity is critical, so get started with these vendor booth ideas to capitalize upon your next event.

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Vendor Booth Displays:   Money-making inspirations.

Vendor Booth Ideas outdoor tent arts and crafts fair BuyShade’s stable and veteran presence in the custom tent industry makes us the best source for your vendor booth. With our practical experience and creative ideas, we will optimize your marketing budget and create the best vendor booth for your buck, all aimed at increasing your success. Whether you are on a tight budget or prepared to spend as much as it takes to entice your audience, BuyShade has an E-Z Up vendor tent to suit your needs.

Here is a sampling of vendor booth usages and events from BuyShade customers: Vendor Booth Ideas Drive Thru Coffee Tent advertising tent with logo increase sales

  • Ticket sales
  • First aid or emergency booth
  • Information desk at outdoor conventions
  • Selling clothing at flea market
  • Art and crafts fairs—display paintings or jewelry
  • Culinary festivals
  • Electronics & technology trade shows
  • Outdoor or off-road motor sports
  • Gun shows
  • Tattoo expos
  • Sporting events
  • Tailgating
  • Music festivals:  Van’s Warped Tour, Burning Man, Coachella, or any multi-day or outdoor concert
  • Auto detailing

Professional Class:   High-end equipment for top-tier results.

Vendor booth ideas Jetty Girl logo tent photography custom display For size flexibility, turn to our professional class of pop up tents: Eclipse II, Speed Shelter II, Hub hexagons, and Vue 5x5. From our largest 10’x20’ tent to our smallest 5'x5' tent, we have the size for your vendor display, from tailgating to dog grooming.

8'x8' and 10'x10' custom pop up tents are the best sizes for versatility and rented spaces at carnivals and fairs. If your venue does not have size restrictions, consider a Hub tent for a strikingly different vendor tent. For food vending, BuyShade offers a full line of food service certified accessories so you meet health and fire safety standards. Best of all, you will be making a lasting investment, as professional grade E-Z Up tents are designed to use every weekend for years.

Commercial Upgrade:   Smart Investments.

Vendor Booth Ideas MCR Safety Equipment custom tent merchandise display on site marketing For startup businesses, trade shows, and sporting events, a commercial grade tent provides greater durability and a more professional look than a cheaper folding tent. BuyShade’s commercial tents have a high quality fabric which allows us to print brilliant graphics with optional edge to edge coverage. With their sturdy materials and reliable construction, commercial grade vendor booths are worth the investment if you have more than 6 events each year.

Another benefit of commercial grade tents over recreational pop ups—a wider range of accessories, including sidewalls, rail skirts, and tent-mounted flags. Build out your vendor booth with these accessories for even greater visual impact. Sidewalls establish a backdrop to your vendor booth for a stronger public presence. Rail skirts set you apart from the next vendor and provide additional square footage for partner logos or brand messaging.

Economical Option:   Big impact for small-scale jobs.

Vendor Booth Ideas Badger Pass tradeshow tent custom table cover Recreational grade pop up tents, such as the Vantage, are popular with start-up businesses, school teams, and swap meet vendors because these tents are affordable and set up quickly.

In keeping with the budget-friendly theme, recreational pop up tents have two areas for logos and customization: the upper triangular “peak” section, and the lower lip or “valance.” These tents are typically sold as value packs with a back-saving roller bag and tent-saving spike kit.

Recreational pop up tents are ideal for arts & crafts fairs, selling merchandise, or for companies who are required by law to provide shade for workers. E-Z Up tents provide ultraviolet light protection and shade without the high costs of a semi-permanent or permanent shelter. Recreational pop up tents are designed for light use (less than ten times per year use), and are not intended to be left up for extended periods.

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