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ceiling hanging banners at tradeshow exciting vertical element A tool is more effective when you know how to use it. And of course it helps to choose the right tool for the job, too. The philosophy applies to nearly every activity, from carving a turkey to mowing a lawn. You can even improve your tradeshow banners with some research and strategic planning.

We know no one enjoys reading instruction manuals, so our experts have put together some concise, smart tips that won’t put you to sleep. This section covers the fundamental basics you should consider when selecting banners for a convention or trade show. Skip to the next section for some tradeshow booth ideas.

Outdoor Shows
Usually you will have access to more space for outdoor events, whether you participate at an organized show or go solo. Make this work to your advantage with super-sized banners and signs that extend vertically as well as horizontally. When possible, choose bold bright colors, but be aware that colors like red, pink, and green will fade after a certain amount of exposure.

tall flag banners stand out at indoor tradeshows Indoor Conventions
Crowds and chaos define every indoor event, but fortunately you can prepare for those obstacles. Layer your signage to call out to guests at different ranges: far away, approaching, and in your booth. For example, over your booth suspend a cylinder printed with your logo, in front of your booth setup an easel sign with great graphics, and on your table use mini displays to describe your products or services in detail.

Flexible for Indoors & Outdoors
If you need versatility to use your tradeshow banners at booth indoor and outdoor displays, stick to medium sizes and opt for self-contained solutions. For example, a 9’ teardrop flag will catch eyes outdoors but still fit indoors, and you can choose a cross base that works on convention floors as well as grass. Similarly, many retractable banners and wall-size backdrops will have options for outdoor/indoor compatible hardware.

Tradeshows Made Easy:   Professional styling suggestions.

For businesses of all sizes, trade shows represent big opportunities to attract new customers, build client relationships, and gain better positioning in your industry. With future success on the line and the time and cost investment, preparing for a tradeshow can be both incredibly important and dreadfully daunting. But you can relax because our tradeshow experts prepared these banner package ideas – four different styles to make outstanding booths at any locale.

Chic Modern Minimalist
modern tradeshow booth with standing banners and product display We especially recommend this tradeshow layout for young and style-conscious brands, but it equally complements any company or theme: fashion & design; eco-friendly & environmentally aware; organization & storage; family, mom, or kid targeted products and services; upscale services like spas, hospitality, limousine, private security, catering.

You have devoted hours of research and refining into your brand styling, so let it speak for itself. Choose one dominant color and use throughout the entire space to create a clean and unified face. Continue to enhance visual appeal with a minimal amount of displays and signage.

  • Cylinder or framed banner, 1 – Hang over booth or from rear wall. This is your main branding element, fill with a large logo and include your tagline.
  • Retractable banner, 1 – Position near front of the booth. Graphic should be informative, possibly a menu of products or services with an exemplary photo.
  • For service companies, consider a bar height table to promote natural conversation. Cover tables with a solid-color tablecloth to serve as a subtle base and to reinforce your color scheme.
  • A separate literature stand keeps your booth tidy and allows guests self-serve access.

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Big Impact
large full color backdrop custom trade show banners Conquer the challenge of attracting attention with this banner package that is appropriate for new, expanding, and established brands. Inspired by the underlying concept to sell your brand and the lifestyle associated with it, we need to transform the tradeshow booth into a life-size representation.

Large-scale, full coverage graphics instantly catch the eyes of every event-goer. Prominent logos capitalize on the wide-spread attention and promote your name in the circulation of tradeshow buzz. Drawing on packaging, media, and other campaigns, distinctive design elements produce immediate recognition from brand followers.

  • Large backdrop, minimum 10’w x 8’h – Covers entire rear wall and creates a scene or setting for the rest of the booth.
  • Tall flags or vertical banners, 2 – Position near the front like columns to frame out your booth. Check with venue for height restrictions.
  • Pop up tent or hanging element, 1 – If your brand naturally suggests something that could be hung (e.g. a bird or a sail), then use that. If not, a custom tent gives your booth a sense of prominence and desirable exclusivity.
  • Table cover with full-coverage print, 1 – You may not always have room or need for a table, but prepare for it now. Choose a cover with an open back to allow seating or storage on one side of the table.

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Outdoor Road Show
tall flag banners at outdoor tradeshow for sports equipment Vendors and groups for outdoor sports, equipment, and activities can use custom booth setups for tradeshows as well as their other outdoor events.

Outdoor shows require a special strategy to fully utilize the benefits of large open spaces. Weather and transportation are important considerations for anyone on the road, so we should also choose display gear with compact storage and quick set up. For minimum number of components and maximum function, we seek multi-purpose equipment and tradeshow banners that offer high-visibility.

  • Pop up tent, 1– Besides providing shelter, with four customizable faces, pop up tents provide four times the logo exposure. Use this table to choose the right size tent for your tradeshow staff:
    10’x10’ 2-6 people 10’x20’ 5-12 people
    10’x15’ 4-10 people 16’x16’ Hub 6-12 people
  • Sidewall or pack of walls   Full-length walls provide shade and additional protection for bad weather. Make a large custom banner by adding your logo or graphic to one or both sides.
  • Flag with shelter mount, 1   Use your tent’s height to full advantage by making it the base for a custom flag banner.

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Outstanding Pipe & Drape Booth
coordinated trade show booth stands out with custom banners Many indoor conventions supply a booth setup for all the vendors. While this saves you from needing to buy, transport, and set up your own booth, it does create a homogenous hall, making tradeshow banners a critical element to help you stand apart.

A typical booth is literally a blank canvas; hanging banners alone won’t fill the space or substantially differentiate your display from your neighbors’. Use more of the square footage floor space to keep your booth from feeling bare. For example, a narrow literature stand or product display makes a practical addition.

  • Horizontal banner, 1 – Choose a medium-size banner for best versatility; 3’x8’ or 2.5’x6’ are common sizes. Treat this like your billboard and feature a large eye-catching graphic with brief but compelling information about your products or services.
  • Table runner with logo, 1 – Flexible for all events, works with any table size and can be laid over a covered or bare table.
  • Tabletop display or banner – Once you have captured their attention with the big banners, using 1 or 2 small displays on your table makes guests step up for a closer look. This gives you a better opportunity to engage them in conversation.
  • Retractable banners or short flags, 2 – If your company would benefit from more explanatory or depictive text or images, opt for roll up banners. Otherwise, short indoor flags with a bold logo or graphic will provide much appreciated variety. Feel free to do one of each, too.
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