Track and Field Tents

With so many individual events, track & field teams typically have many members, sometimes exceeding 100 athletes. This is especially true for high school and youth teams where schools use this sport to teach fitness and sportsmanship. Athletes of all levels need the cool shade provided by track and field tents to stretch, observe, and recuperate during long summer meets.

E-Z Up Speed Shelter 8x12 pop up tent includes professional polyester top, carbon steel frame and cover bag
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E-Z Up Eclipse 10x20 pop up tent includes professional polyester top, carbon steel frame and cover bag
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Competitive Edge:   Best track tents & equipment.

hurdle event athletes racing with track and field equipment Sprinting, jumping, and throwing are natural and universal forms of human physical expression. Competitors in track and field events like the 400m relay and the high jump train these natural movements into faultless feats of athleticism. Like regular practice and good coaching, athletes need the right equipment to perfect their form and execution. Track and field tents provide necessary shelter to help athletes perform their best. So a custom track and field tent might be just as important as mental preparation and resistance training for your next meet.

Whether on an indoor track or outdoor track, rival teams achieve the greatest distance with a team pop up canopy to provide shelter, privacy, and storage for their equipment. Custom track tents are a movement on the rise in numerous amateur, professional, regional, and international competitions. With endurance and versatility to equal a decathlon athlete, BuyShade track tents are rugged enough to transport to all your regional and international track meetings and sophisticated enough to display at a world championship.

track and field tents set up in the inner field A coach favorite, panoramic clear walls provide see-through, marine grade vinyl on two-thirds of the wall. The bottom portion of the wall is solid for shade and privacy and customizable to match your team’s colors. With four panorama sidewalls fully enclosing your track and field tent, your athletes can watch and cheer on their teammates while staying warm and dry during inclement weather.

Track Team Pop Up Canopy:   Unity that inspires.

Every team has a uniform, no matter how simple. You can include your track tent as part of your team uniform with color-coordination and adding custom text or logos. BuyShade has printing options starting at $100, so even a small budget can go far.

BuyShade’s custom specialists can provide your team with team banners, custom flags, and personalized table covers for all sporting festivals and general track events. Whether your project is a decathlon or a sprint, we’ll keep pace with you through every flat and hurdle. Our expertise and determination ensures you will receive an amazing custom track and field tent that will inspire your athletes to their best performances.

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