Football Tents:   We play to win the game.

For protection on the sidelines, BuyShade’s football tents shelter athletes and managers from harsh football season weather with heavy duty canopies. Pop up tents also provide athletes with a place to store their sports equipment and supplies, sell merchandise, review with coaches, or recover from a fumble.

Spread Option:   Customizable gear that fits your team’s plan.

packed football stadium at night When you score points in a game, that gets your team and fans excited. The goal of marketing is pretty much the same thing:  to increase your team’s spirit and fans’ loyalty. To score a marketing touchdown, you don’t need gimmick plays (t-shirt cannons, chili cook-offs, and the like). What you want is a unified front line and strong identity that both your team and fans can get behind or—in the case of a football tent—get under.

With an assist from BuyShade.com, you can emblazon your logos and customize your football tent to match your team uniforms to send a clear message to your opponents:  “We believe, and we will win!”

Group of football players on sideline during game When it comes to custom E-Z Up tents, logo flags, and printed table covers, we have done the film study and scouting to fill our lineup with only the best custom products. You can rely on our products and on the veteran designers BuyShade.com to draw up a winning game plan for your team. Our seasons of success include football tents for professional football leagues, high school teams, college teams, and Pop Warner football.

Don’t take a chance by tossing a coin—BuyShade has the lowest price guaranteed for all-star football tents.

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