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After a long run, your team will be grateful for the cool shade of a cross country tent. BuyShade has everything you need to equip a cross country pop up canopy to use for road meets, rain shelters, fundraiser events, and more. Ask about our custom printing to make a recognizable, rousing tent using your team name and mascot.

E-Z Up Eclipse 10x20 pop up tent includes professional polyester top, carbon steel frame and cover bag
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E-Z Up Speed Shelter 8x12 pop up tent includes professional polyester top, carbon steel frame and cover bag
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Cross Country Pop Up Canopy:  Modern equipment for an ancient sport.

Nearly 3000 years ago, the ancient Greeks began recording the winners of a footrace held every four years. Eventually, historians believe these footraces evolved into a grander competition called the Olympics. In the centuries since, societies continued to develop a variety of competitive races. The most grueling contests are those that push the limits of the participants’ endurance, stamina, and perseverance:  cross country races. Modern events include cross country running, cross country horse endurance tests, cross country bicycling, cross country parachuting, cross country skiing, and even cross country flying. Whichever is your sport, teams need cross country tents to serve as meeting landmarks, changing stations, and organization for nutrition and gear.

group of cross country runners with custom tents in the background

Rallying Point:   Use logos to make unmistakable landmarks.

Cross country equipment and cross country accessories vary by sport, but whether your team is running a course, jumping a cavalletti, or propelling across snow-covered terrain, a solid team prepares for every leg of the race, including the pre-race. As any experienced captain can tell you, keeping team morale high is a top priority for success on race day. Proudly displaying your logo on personalized equipment and uniforms is a standard practice to create the unifying bond that is so crucial to team spirit. And what better way to demonstrate the strength of your team with giant logos on your custom tents; they will give your team heart and show your competitors you come to win.

cross country pop up 10x10 tent outdoors You can show your colors in a big way with BuyShade cross country tents. Our E-Z Up tents feature durable fabric and solid construction sound enough to endure years of cross-country travel.

In the snow, rain, or sun, BuyShade’s cross country tents protect team members from harsh environmental elements. Keeping your team members safe and comfortable, our custom sidewalls add another layer of protection from the sun’s heat or the wind’s chill. Create a complete enclosure with solid sidewalls to provide portable locker-room privacy. Sidewalls provide significantly more space to print your teams’ logo and let the audience know you are in the race for the long run.

Custom cross country tents and custom flags are a class-defining trend in all cross country sporting competitions. Customized flags make it easier for your team members and the public to recognize your team. Mount a logo flag on your E-Z Up tent, or use a line of bright flags to mark the finish line.

Hit Your Stride:   The right fit can make a world of difference.

Group of volunteers provide water under tent shade to marathon runner BuyShade has E-Z Up pop up tents in hexagons, rectangles, squares with sizes to accommodate your team’s needs. E-Z Up tents are conveniently portable and affordable for elementary schools, high schools, state colleges, and professionals.

BuyShade.com designers are pros at customized tent projects. With our experience on your team, you won’t hit a wall ordering your cross country tent. We look forward to helping your team pass this mile marker and reaching the finish line together.

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