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Promotional Tents

Whether you represent a business, school, sports team, or community organization, you will be faced with these challenges at every outdoor event: weather, event-goers, and publicity. Promotional tents can be customized with your logo or advertising text to provide shade and a marketing presence, all in one convenient, versatile package.

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Promo Canopy:   At the heart of great events.

Promotions aim to increase awareness and name recognition, to develop relationships, and to boost sales or fundraising. A smart event plan and the right promotional gear will help you accomplish these goals.

Example of a good promotional display Example of a sad promotional display Some vendors rise to the occasion with custom signage and full tent displays that call out to their customers. Others fall flat with a lack of presentation. For success at your next outing, start with a shade tent then add customization and accessories that will provide both practical organization and eye-catching flair. BuyShade has everything you need to build the promotion booth for fundraisers, tailgate parties, and special sales.

Most successful promotions include some sort of incentive to draw in attendees. Attractions that may be limited in availability or duration, like product giveaways, free food, or autograph sessions, should be advertised locally leading up to the event. Entertainment-centered events with live music, performances, or games and activities can run all day and continue to attract new guests.

Promotional tent State Farm sponsored photo op with Yoda for Star Wars Course of the Force Make your name highly visible with ample signage around the event space and large banners near the stage and your promo canopy. You can even add QR codes or hashtags to your marketing material to provide a means for guests to share shout outs and reconnect with you later. One sure-fire way to boost social media engagement—set up a fun and unique photo op area. If you can make memorable, shareable moments, people are more likely to tell their friends and return to you for business. Citizen Eco-Drive team sponsorship promotional booth

Even in our home of sunny California we have the occasional bad-weather day. Instead of praying for benevolence from Mother Nature, use the outdoor elements as another facet of your event. On cold drizzly days, pack insulated beverage containers of hot cocoa or crock pots with spiced cider. Chilled event-goers will stop by for the warm treats and linger in the cozy shelter of your promotional tent, giving you the opportunity to chat about your wares, services, or cause.

If the forecast is blistering heat, bring ice pops and hand out paper fans (printed with your logo, of course). It’s a fun and inexpensive way to incorporate marketing into your event. We even know some folks who have rigged misters into their tent trusses. The cool oasis and clever installation are good conversation starters, but please let your canopy dry out before storing it!

Blue Ridge Distilling using their E-Z Up tent to shelter their equipment at a local fair Other than a few common sense rules, our E-Z Up tents are versatile for any event, indoors or out. These promo tents set up instantly, with no assembly, leaving you free to flip burgers for the corporate picnic, introduce the band at the summer festival, or work the cash box at the Tuesday night street fair.

Our full line of accessories can outfit your tent for food vending, merchandise sales, enclosed displays, or anything you need. And our custom graphics add a personal touch that your promo canopy a recognizable face. Call or email for a customized rendition or quote courtesy of our tent experts.

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The last important tip for a successful promotion—don’t forget the human element. For the majority of us, the most lasting and influential impressions are about the people we meet, the laughter we share, and the bond of happy memories. So set up your promotional tent, banners, and equipment, but don’t forget to bring positive energy, excitement, and a ready smile. Armed with these tools, your event is sure to be a winner.

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