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Promotional Table Covers

Use promotional table covers for a sharp, professional presentation at conventions, farmers markets, sporting events, community events, flea markets, street fairs, car shows, tailgating, and more. Promotional tablecloths are great for providing customers and potential customers with your literature, or for demonstrating products at indoor or outdoor events.

Printed Tablecloths:   Complement your campaign.

Puffins Place promotional tablecloth table cover from E-Z Up BuyShade has printed tablecloths in all sizes, fabrics, and styles to create a custom solution for a wide variety of occasions. From matching your PMS colors to designing a 360-degree design or custom-size solutions, we go the extra mile to make promotional table covers that wow our clients and their audiences.

For a uniform exhibit, we can can print tablecloths to match your customized E-Z Up tent. Our heavy duty grade table covers have the most intense weave in the industry, making them ideal for brilliant graphics and regular travel.

Table of books displayed with table runner If you don’t have an E-Z Up tent to customize, you can still stand out by putting your logo on a custom cover to draw people to your booth. At some events, you might only have one opportunity to attract customers and market your brand. If you do nothing else, use a customized, promotional table cover at your event.

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