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Promotional Flags

Well Spring Church Custom E-Z Up products at outdoor event Sports teams use custom flags to identify different markers, events, and finish lines. Companies use promotional flags alongside other corporate gear to enhance their presence at advertising sponsorships, on-location services, and other public events.

You can personalize your flag with messages that engage customers at storefronts, community fairs, and street corners to increase foot traffic. Take advantage of the vertical height of custom flags to highlight specific promotions, such as valet parking or special sales.

Custom Flags:   Waving graphics welcome curious customers.

Promotional Camp Gladiator flag at outdoor festival Large promotional and display flags are available with free-standing bases or with pop up tent attachments. Whether you are indoors at a tradeshow or convention or outdoors at any fair or event, promotional flags help attract attention to your booth.

BuyShade’s promotional flags are so large they naturally draw foot traffic to booths as meeting places and provide a larger-than-life presence. Even if you can’t set up a pop up tent or sprawling display, take a few custom flags to your event to increase your visibility and feature your brand.

BuyShade’s promotional flags are designed and tested to last for years. Custom flags are digitally printed into the fabric with your artwork and designed to prevent fading, peeling, or chipping. We put our custom flags to the ultimate longevity and durability test, leaving them outside in harsh weather conditions 24/7 and 365 days per year. Our flags come with the same warranty on the fabric and graphics as our pop up tents.

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