Promotional Ideas:   Functional tools for building business.

From college tailgates to Vegas conventions, there are hundreds of events every year that are opportunities for businesses and organizations to get out and promote themselves in the public eye. Whether you work on a local or national scale, these promotional ideas from the BuyShade.com custom pros will ensure you are well represented.

Promotional Flags shown logo flags on tent custom blade flag Promotional Tents shown Budweiser 10x10 pop up tent Promotional Table Covers shown Advan Racing fitted tablecloth

Promotional Flags

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Promotional Table Covers

Resort World Casino gives out promotional gifts from their custom E-Z Up tent There’s something about a long line of people that sparks a curiosity that must be satisfied. Maybe it is a remnant of herd mentality (“They’re doing it, maybe I should too”), or perhaps it is a form of Keeping up with the Jones’ Syndrome (“I can’t be the only one who wasn’t in line”). Whatever the source of the instinct, if you can awaken it in your target audience at your next product demo or outdoor expo, your promotional event is sure to be a success.

The trick to stirring the interest of a crowd of consumers isn’t a trick at all. Gimmicks and flashy attention-grabbers (e.g. flailing-arm inflatables) are aimed at a wide audience, so although you may attract more visitors, the viability of those leads will likely be low. Instead, fine tune your approach to target high-value customers and maximize the effectiveness of your marketing budget.

Customized 10x10 tents digital print logos for Torment Industries motorcycle apparel rider memorials Here's a great place to start—multi-purpose promotional gear that can be customized to match your company branding or organization logos. Whether your event is indoors or outdoors, custom printed banners and flags put your name up above crowd height for long-range visibility, steering foot traffic in your direction. Practical equipment like table covers and shade tents can be customized too. Try a fun slogan to incorporate more personality or promote your social pages for results than go beyond the event day. Represent your brand honestly, so you can forge connections with customers that are real and lasting.

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