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logo tent brand promotion stand out A logo tent is ideal for promoting your business and building name recognition. At outdoor markets and street fairs, or indoor tradeshows and conventions, a logo tent literally raises your visibility, putting your logo where people will see it. For restaurants, boutique stores, product launches, or fundraisers, your logo tent will generate the excitement you need for a successful event.

Suggestions from Our Experts

We picked the brains of our design specialists and analyzed our customer data to hand-pick these logo canopy solutions to get you started. Our logo tent experts are standing by to provide live help, too. If you want more information or a personalized recommendation, just give us a call or email.

Professional Eclipse logo tents many sizes 10x10 10x15 10x20 Professional Eclipse Logo Tent

Professional Eclipse II Logo Tent

This heavy-duty line of tents has options for everyone:  4 sizes, 3 frame finishes, and a full line of accessories. We designed these Eclipse II logo canopies to endure years of regular use. When you’re traveling for trade shows or setting up daily for your business, you will appreciate the top-quality materials and craftsmanship that go into these E-Z UP tents.

We know you want to make a splash at your next outdoor fair or marketing event—that’s why we use the best custom printing for your professional logo canopy. Eclipse II tents can be produced with any design or number of logos with either our hand silk-screening or dye sublimation.
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Lightweight Dome II logo tent with small logo and text Dome II Logo Tent

Dome II Logo Tent

The Dome II is a popular choice for our non-profit, club, and small business customers. This recreational grade tent for light use is a favorite with our staff and customers because the unique Flex-Rod® canopy provides superior stability compared to similarly priced tents. The compact, lightweight frame provides unbeatable portability and is easy for one person to set up alone.

With printing options ranging from simple text to full-color logos, you can choose the graphics size and style that best fit your design and budget needs. Maximum of 2 printing locations.
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BuyShade.com 8x12 tailgate tent turquoise canopy Hub Logo Tent

Hub Logo Tent

We designed our Hub tent with a hexagon shape for maximum logo visibility. With six sides, your advertising is visible from all angles, with the additional benefit of promoting through-traffic. The Hub is ideal for sponsoring multiple brands on one tent, and for applications like an event headquarters or product displays.

In 13'x13' or 16'x16' size, the Hub logo tent’s unique silhouette works well with any custom logo design. Choose silk-screen graphics to get a terrific price break, or print the entire canopy with digital graphics for a show-stopping display.
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Creating Your Logo Tent

With so many logo canopy tents available, it can be easy to get confused or distracted during the early planning stages. Before you go any further, pause here to reflect and summarize your initial thoughts. While experts – like our staff here at BuyShade – will have plenty of recommendations and ideas, you will appreciate having this info as a clear starting point and goal to work towards.

Ask yourself, what purpose the tent will serve, how often and where you will use your tent, and why do you want to add your logo? If you have gathered pictures of logo tents or promotional displays as inspiration, keep those handy too.

Printing Locations
The printing locations are highly dependent on the logo, text, or design you want to display on your tent. Most logos tend to maximize best in the triangular peak area of the canopy top. If you are adding text, like a business name, URL, or tagline, the rectangular valance area below the peak will be highly visible and provide the best legibility.

logo tent music band merch ground breaking ceremony To increase your branding area, you can add accessories to most logo tents. For example, a sidewall spans the full length top to bottom and leg to leg; a veritable treasure of square-footage that is ideal for full-bleed digital designs. And don’t forget—you only need to print in as many locations as you consider valuable.

Vivid, Bold Graphics
At BuyShade.com, we offer several printing methods in order to accommodate the needs of every customer. Whichever printing method is most appropriate for your project, every logo tent is made with high-quality UV protected inks, cutting-edge technology, and skilled technicians. We guarantee the finished quality of our graphics, and we know you will love your logo canopy from day 1 through year 5 and beyond.

We're Here to Help!
If you start to feel overwhelmed or intimidated by the volume of options or what to do next, take a deep breath and call or email us. We will pair you with a custom specialist who can help you quickly hone in the right logo tent and printing for your needs. BuyShade provides comprehensive service and help for every project and there is no extra fee, so why not contact us now.

Experienced Design Assistance

logo tent music booth DJ Toad Every week at BuyShade.com we help hundreds of clients realize their logo tent ideas for use at trade shows, community meetings, industry expos, and other promotional events. We take that experience and condense it into relevant recommendations for our customers.

If you are looking for inspiration, BuyShade has it in spades. With stock art, customizable enhancing elements, and a large portfolio of completed logo tent designs, we bring creativity that will elevate your project. For a restaurant participating in the town street fair, a car dealership wanting to increase visibility, a coach supporting the rec soccer team, and everyone else – we want you to profit from our expertise, just like many satisfied customers before you.

Get started on your logo tent now! We reply to most requests within minutes and prepare proposals with same-day turnaround. You will receive easy to digest estimates, renditions of your project with your artwork, and plenty of friendly advice.

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