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We’re not promising to make you party central, but BuyShade party tents do make magic at any gathering. “Raise the roof” finds new meaning and new heights with the tall cathedral ceilings in our clear-span party tents and eye-catching custom printing. Our heavy duty construction withstands the rowdiest animal house crowds, and with proper staking your party tent will be last man standing even in 80 MPH winds. From poolside luaus to rooftop dances, we have your party covered.

product promotional party for guitar hero custom pop up tent with event stage BuyShade has contributed to successful events for more than a decade. Our tent specialists have seen it all, which makes us a great resource for your project. Keep reading the rest of this article for tent basics and insights from our experts. Or for more immediate assistance, just give us a call. Instantly, you will be connected with a project manager to discuss your event. We will provide you with tent renditions, estimates, plenty of photos, detailed specs, and all the advice and revisions you need to craft the perfect party tent.

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Fabric Structures:   Practical Space & Palatial Potential

Before you send invitations or pick decorations, you need to choose the right venue for your event. Ballrooms and convention centers provide convenience, ceilings, and other creature comforts. But for an innovative or on-location event, a typical rental hall confines your creativity within its bland and immovable walls. The solution:  find flexibility with a fabric party tent.

soft lighting and draped walls finish the interior of the tent for romantic dining events Available in a range of shapes and sizes to fit your guests, these canopy tents adapt for many themes and usages. Recently resurgent in popularity, their soft materials and curves create romantic settings for weddings, elegant pavilions for dinners and dances, expansive halls for concerts and performances—simply unlimited possibilities.

Fabric structures come in different styles:  pop up tents, semi-permanent structures, pole tents, and inflatables to name a few. Depending on your planned event or usage, one kind of party tent will be best match your needs. Thankfully, we’re here to help you figure it out. Want to skip reading? Just email or call and we’ll connect you with a live specialist who can do all the work for you.

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Pop Up Party Tents
kids party with rainbow-colored pop up tent activity booths small 5x5 ezup As their name implies, pop up tents set up quickly with no tools and minimal effort. Businesses who regularly travel to events—including caterers, DJs, brand promoters, and media—use pop up tents to provide shade and a professional appearance wherever they go. Thanks to their self-contained and compact size, E-Z Up tents (the bestselling brand of instant shelters) are you best option for portable party tents.

E-Z Up tents come in a variety of models, sizes, and colors. From small 5’x5’ tents that make great photo booths to the largest 10’x20’ tents, all E-Z Up party tents set up in 5 minutes or less, making your party set-up fast and painless. And to add some fun and flair to your party, BuyShade offers 22 canopy colors for most E-Z Up tents. With prices ranging from $200 to $1,200 pop up party tents can improve your events with minimal impact on your budget.

Long-Term Party Tents
long white party tent with window walls in resort courtyard For hosting a large celebration, our T-Span and Mega party tents provide space and security comparable to permanent buildings. These fabric structures can be erected on-site to provide temporary additions, auxiliary venues, or long-term industrial workspaces.

Starting from $40,000 long-term party tents represent a considerable investment. But for businesses or events that require several hundred or several thousand covered square feet, a fabric structure provides a faster, on-demand solution with less planning, lower cost, and less waste than permanent construction.

Patented frame systems hold all fabric membranes smooth and taut. The fabric itself is a thick PVC-coated polyester, optimized for rain and sun exposure. These two design features combine to create a resilient party tent that is equally at home on snowy fields or sunny beaches. And since the structure is removable, the party tent can be deconstructed and reused, simultaneously reducing its ecological footprint and increasing its value.

40x40 mega party tent with clear walls for outdoor entertaining The Mega and T-Span models can combine in series to create extra-large party tents. This infinitely expandable capability provides the ultimate versatility to match your needs and site allowances. With available finishing options like walls, hard doors, flooring, and lighting, you can furnish your party tent like a building or leave the clean interiors as is. With the help of a BuyShade tent designer, you can create a one-of-a-kind venue for a truly memorable party.

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Multi-Purpose Party Tents
For a combination of mobility and long-term durability, our experts suggest Marquee tents. With the Marquee’s fast install, you can set up for an afternoon ceremony on short notice. On the other hand, with the Marquee’s robust construction, it can be left in place for year-round use. Efficient design and quality materials add up for dependable all-purpose use, whatever the occasion.

clear-span party tents use a beautiful and simple cable system instead of support poles Unlike classic pole tents, our Marquee units do not need internal support poles. These clear-span party tents make excellent choices for catering and dining, golf courses & resorts, and other parks or hospitality businesses who need temporary shade covers. Fewer poles and components also means less to transport—ideal for mobile events.

The multi-purpose theme continues with our well-planned tent accessories. Window walls, our most popular accessory, serve as a shield from outdoor elements but keep the tent feeling open and airy. A wall enclosure complete with functional doors provides privacy, climate control, an indoor feel, and expands your party potential.

combine multiple tents and add walls to create a large party pavilion Flexibility and options abound with Marquee party tents. Starting with size, single units range from 100 to 400 square feet. Larger configurations most commonly mix and match various shapes and sizes connected in lines, squares, or stars. A BuyShade designer can help you plan out your space by capacity, by site allowances, or for versatility. We can also customize your party tents with colorful swashes, tent flags, and custom printed graphics. For dramatic daytime or nighttime events, ask about skylights of clear vinyl panels that allow for fabulous lighting effects and decoration possibilities.

BuyShade Service:   Celebrate your best party yet.

If you plan to keep and use your party tent for an extended time, it makes sense to look for a tent with a reputation for quality, longevity and user satisfaction. In the same line of reasoning, we think that choosing a tent dealer with friendly, knowledgeable staff can improve the likelihood you will find the best tent. And by best tent, we don’t mean the most cutting-edge luxury tent money can buy; we mean the party tent that fulfills your needs, suits your use, and gives you a positive feeling when you use it.

party tents and custom printed shades at public park outdoor event As a solutions-oriented company, the BuyShade approach begins with that destination in mind. If you don’t like your party tent, then that’s bad for both of us. Our design specialists take the time to become familiar with the details of your company, your branding, and your event. Sure it requires more effort than what most tent dealers would invest, but our great results and happy customers prove that the extra consideration makes a difference.

Excellent customer services adds value to the finished project and makes for a more enjoyable overall experience. That’s the belief that drives our everyday interactions as well as our product selection, catalogs and materials, and staff development. We will be proud to contribute to your event’s success, so please call or email us today to get started.

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