Outdoor Event Tents

From Florida’s sunny shores to the drizzly Pacific Northwest, having an outdoor event tent ensures the weather will not play a deciding role in the success of your event. Always provide adequate shelter to protect your staff and guests so the festivities can continue rain or shine. These tips and suggestions from the BuyShade pros will help you arrive prepared for your next outdoor fête.

Tent Basics:   Begin with a solid foundation.

Most BuyShade customers have a lot of questions when they begin their project. That’s perfectly fine—after all, if you knew all the answers and planned outdoor event tents all day, then you would be working at BuyShade. A brief education will boost your level of preparedness, which can help you finish your project more quickly and more effectively.

Ride Snowboards equipped with custom tents for road tour guest relations and product sales Q:  What is the right size tent?
A:   Selecting a tent size takes into consideration things like activities, venue restrictions, guest capacity, additional equipment—short answer, there is not one right size. However, we delve into determining the best tent size in the next section. In the meantime, we can tell you that 10’x10’ is the most popular and common size.

Q:  Can I add custom logos or text?
A:  Absolutely, BuyShade offers custom printing for all of our outdoor tents. Most BuyShade customers want to incorporate brand exposure into their events, and adding graphics or text to the tent solves that conveniently, professionally, and productively.

Q:  How much will this cost, and are there budget options?
A:  As with tent size, many variables factor into the total cost of your tent. The good news is BuyShade has a wide range of solutions, from a few hundred dollars to a hundred thousand dollars. We provide unlimited free revisions, so you definitely will find a tent or tents that fit in your budget.

Q:  How do I transport and install the tent? Do I need any special equipment?
A:  Mobility and ease of use top our list of important features, and you can bet every one of our tents meets those requirements. Although, as with size and budget there is a scale of compatibility, and the key will be to identify which outdoor event tent has the optimal combination of features.

E-Z Up tents literally pop open, so setup takes only a few minutes and requires to tools. Most E-Z Up tents fold down small enough to fit in a standard car and can be carried or wheeled with a dolly or available bag. These attributes make E-Z Up tents our number-one recommendation for 1- or 2-man crews.

In comparison, some larger units will work best with a pickup truck for moving to the site. On-site transportation can be done by hand, thanks to the intelligent design of our large 20x20 and 30x30 tents which pack into compact, light bundles. Even our largest tents assemble without special tools, although equipment like cranes and fork lifts can facilitate installing lights and other accessories.

The BuyShade team includes several seasoned tent specialists. When you contact us, we will match you with one specialist who will be your point of contact for the entire project. This ensures consistency, strong communication, and a high level of service. Most importantly, it puts us in the best position to give personalized, relevant input and answer the big umbrella concern for every project:  what is the best tent for you?

Super Shade Solutions:   Conquer the outdoors.

Whether you call or email us to get a quote, our specialists begin by discussing what kind of events and usage you have planned for your tent. Since we have such a broad tent selection, categorizing your project helps us zero in on the tent that will match your needs. Get an inside look into our process with these most common outdoor events.

Camp Gladiator branded 10x10 E-Z Up tent for regularly scheduled outdoor bootcamps Advertising Pop Up
Event Size:  Small, less than 100 people
Frequency & Duration:  Reoccurring, 1 day
Purpose/Goal:  Represent a familiar face at regular meets and fairs your company presents or participates in.
Photo Example:  Camp Gladiator branded 10x10 E-Z Up tent

Affordable, portable, and extremely easy to use, advertising pop ups serve a wide range of industries and outdoor events. BuyShade customers love their E-Z Up custom tents because they can create a professional booth in just minutes. With sizes from 5’x5’ to 10’x20’ and with typical prices ranging from $700-$1,500, we can help you find the perfect outdoor event tent to boost visibility at community and marketing outings.

rainproof marquee tent provides reliable protection for vendors and product displays at outdoor fairs and shows Commercial Tent
Event Size:  Small to medium, 50 to 200 people
Frequency & Duration:  Reoccurring, 1 to 3 days
Purpose/Goal:  Provide all-weather shelter, durable for traveling & commercial use.
Photo Example:  Food vendor striped Marquee tent

For your business to operate rain or shine, you need an outdoor event tent that will withstand all weather conditions. You can count on the Marquee commercial tent to shed rain with no leaks, block 99% of UVA and UVB rays, and last through 5+ years of regular use. Although you will pay $1,000 or more for commercial-grade durability, protecting your staff, your equipment, and your sales is well worth the investment.

giant 100ft white canopy provides cool shade at outdoor graduation ceremony Large Shade Canopy
Event Size:  Medium to large, 200 to 500 people
Frequency & Duration:  Annual, seasonal, or year-round occasions
Purpose/Goal:  Provide cool shade or covered shelter for large gatherings.
Photo Example:  100 ft. canopy for outdoor graduation ceremony

Even on the most perfect spring day, no outdoor event would be complete without a covered pavilion. Resorts, clubs, and schools use large shade canopies to create cool retreats for morning ceremonies, afternoon parties, and evening galas. Tall ceilings and clear span interiors accommodate both seated and standing events. BuyShade tents set up quickly, only two to three hours at most—important for last-minute planning or weather changes. When not in use, the tents can be disassembled and stored, providing the same convenience as smaller tents.

Several fabric structures of varying size line the beach for spectators, media, and sponsors at the US Open of Surfing Colossal Custom Structure
Event Size:  Large, more than 500 people
Frequency & Duration:  Single event or event series, 3 or more days
Purpose/Goal:  Create a unique venue for hosting a prominent celebration or high-profile promotional tour.
Photo Example:  U.S. Open of Surfing spectator shade structures

A singular event deserves an equally remarkable venue. Working with a BuyShade designer, we can fabricate a custom structure designed to match your project’s specific locale, theme, and capacity needs. Our collaborative process addresses guests services, marketing graphics, and aesthetic appeal all together, giving you a more complete and effective outdoor event tent solution. For a project of this scale—$20,000 and up—ensure you get the results you want by choosing the right partner. BuyShade brings award-winning products, a decade of experience, and impeccable organization and support; add our skills and reliability to your project today.

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