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excited staff of Buddy Fruits with their custom printed tent booth at outdoor fair At BuyShade.com, we don’t just sell tents and flags, we help our customers create exciting and effective events. With more than a decade of outstanding service, our customers and their events range from car dealerships and national retailers to school fairs and athletic events.

Our broad experience enables us to make recommendations specific to your needs. By addressing every angle from logo branding to tent safety and storage, we ensure your custom printed tent serves as a sound investment, as well as a business tool. Take the first step towards successful events with these tips and suggested solutions from our experts.

Printing with Personality:   Amazing first impressions.

Performers, interactive booths, and other special attractions work well for creating a buzz of interest at public events. Be sure to allow adequate funds for logo printing and custom branding so you can convert all that publicity into new business.

Dragon hosts interactive booth with games under their custom printed tent and flag at street fair Whether you are catering a wedding or sponsoring a tech convention, a custom printed tent raises the visibility of your company to attract customers, investors, and social media interaction. With large, striking logos prominently positioned over the heads of the milling event-goers, you will be sure to stand out and be noticed even in the most crowded venue.

How should you earmark for printing? Custom printing is all about personalized custom solutions, so there isn’t one simple answer. Printing fees for a custom printed tent can range from a few hundred dollars to two or three times the cost of the tent itself—it depends on your event size, your brand styling, and the amount of printing you want.

Custom printed E-Z Up booth setup striped tent with Kegg's Candies logos Whatever your budget, score high on "bang for your buck" by finding the best quality printing. The crispest, most vivid, truest color custom printed tents are produced by traditional silk screening (for 1- or 2-color logos) and dye sublimation (for multi-color logos and edge-to-edge designs).

For expertly printed event tents that will absolutely knock your socks off, BuyShade.com employs only the best high-end technologies and instruments. To secure the same impressive results for your project, investigate your options before making a commitment. When you request a quote, look for details on the size and type of printing and ask for a printing sample.

Many customers come to us after disappointing purchases from other distributors. Save yourself this agony—give yourself time to receive samples and thoroughly understand the product before you buy. And whether you choose BuyShade.com or a different printer, make sure your custom tent includes a graphics warranty—just in case.

Custom Canopy Basics:   Coverage you need.

Coordinated blue pop up tents at student event custom printed with Irvine Valley College text logos Unless you are planning a one-day, one-time only event, give special consideration to your tent’s fabric. For starters, choose a shelter with an SPF-rated top to keep your event staff and guests cool and safe. All BuyShade custom printed tents provide protection from ultraviolet rays (up to 99%!) with either a reflective lining or topcoat treatment.

Material matters, too. Many tent manufacturers use vinyl for their custom printed tents, but that’s a huge mistake. Each time you fold up a vinyl tent, you add more and more unsightly wrinkles—wrinkles that will muddy your expensive and essential graphics. Instead of vinyl, ask for heavy-weight polyester event tents; the polyester fabric will be resistant to wrinkles and will still repel water.

For the best all-weather protection, BuyShade recommends premium event tents. Unlike E-Z Up instant tents, these event tents require some assembly. However, their pole frames provide an incredibly strong and sturdy base to support their tensioned canopies.

20x20 Marquee with waterproof canopy and custom printed Hyundai logo Ideal for wet and rainy conditions, our event tents shed water where other tents may soak up water and eventually puddle, leak, or collapse. The canopy fabric itself is a multi-layer material specially made for outdoor tents. The finished top—which has no seams—secures to the tent with ratcheted tie-downs that pull the top as tight as a drum. Thanks to the resilient fabric, taut tension, and tall sloping peak of our event tents, your space stays dry and your event can continue without worries in any weather.

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Fabulous on a Budget:   Dollar-stretching solutions.

custom printed tents dream option full color booth budget options with simple logos or 1 big bold logo Both our customers and our designers love full coverage designs and complete booth setups, but not everyone needs that much equipment or printing. Fortunately, BuyShade has options for big events and for smaller events. And we will always provide smart and honest ideas that put your needs first. For example, if you are trying to save money or make a tight budget work, consider this question:

Which is more important for your project,
A) Longevity for many events, or
B) Making a big splash at a couple events?

If you answered A, opt for smaller, less expensive logos in order to allocate more of your budget to a heavy duty frame. This savvy investment will increase the longevity of your tent to five years, seven years, or even 10 years.

If you answered B, go bold with one large, flashy logo that faces oncoming traffic and pack your booth below with signs or other promo gear you already have. Definitely DON’T spend big on a custom printed tent with a cheap, flimsy frame because you could be left with a pretty but useless canopy should one strut break.

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Expert Service:   Better results for you & your tent.

Planning the perfect custom printed tent may require months of regular interaction with your tent vendor. You and your rep will be regularly chatting back and forth to refine your all the details of your project, so find a rep you like collaborating with.

BuyShade custom specialists are not only full of ideas and knowledge to make your custom printed tent a success, we are friendly and easy to work with. When you’re under pressure to get information or make a decision, you will appreciate our ability to quickly respond by phone or email. BuyShade customers say it better than we ever could:

BuyShade customer Daytona beach News-Journal reviewer logo “I want to thank you for all your help with my order. You have made it SO easy.”
—Carol M., Daytona Beach News-Journal

BuyShade customer Under U4 Men reviewer logo “We love our tent, and your service was great. It's been used at several events already, another this weekend - a sidewalk sale.”
—Steven L., Under U4 Men

BuyShade customer Orion Instruments reviewer logo “Excellent responsiveness. You provided me with all the information I required to be able to make a quick decision on what I wanted. Item arrived in the stated time and we will be using our tent in all of our Corporate Events as well as fundraisers. 5 stars on product!!”
—Mike T., Orion Instruments

custom printed tent provides shade for Carolina Peds teambuilding event From a practical standpoint, event tents provide shelter and a center of operations, but we take it to the next level with thoughtful design. Utilizing 25+ years of experience BuyShade designers transform basic tents into powerful marketing tools. From college campus fairs to fishing tournaments to county fairs, we have had a hand in creating successful events for every industry.

We take great pride in making every project—big or small—truly outstanding. With our top-grade custom products and our dedication to creating a superlative customer experience, BuyShade.com is the smart choice for your custom printed tent.

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