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Providing shade and shelter for large events can be challenging… or you can work with BuyShade.com and sit back while our experts assemble an event tent plan personalized for you. Our selection of event tents have been hand-picked for your guaranteed satisfaction. Combined with our friendly & fast service, in-house graphic designers, reliable delivery, and all around solid reputation, rest assured your project is in good hands.

Premium Commercial Tents:   Quality you deserve.

The flowing curves of the SaddleSpan event tent create a dramatic covering for outdoor arenas and stages The President of the United States doesn’t fly on just any plane, he flies on Air Force One. When you are preparing a special gala or promotion for hundreds even thousands of guests, your decision-making shouldn’t be “Event tent roulette!” or “Oh, whatever structure is big enough.” Quality matters, as does presentation and impression.

Our event tents represent the pinnacle of the industry—with several awards to prove it—the product of inspired engineering realized in premium materials. Not only that, these large tents are visually appealing, providing you with a beautiful backdrop that will enhance your event.

Frames constructed with aluminum and titanium make these the strongest commercial tents Constructed for structural integrity and longevity, we manufacture commercial tent frames in aircraft-grade aluminum alloy and titanium alloy and the canopies and walls in hefty, waterproof poly-vinyl. All components are both light and sturdy. Rigorous testing and more than 30 years of world-wide events attest to the durability of our tents in all weather conditions: heat, rain, wind, snow. From installation and use to packing and travel, these event tents exceed expectations.

Modular Tents:   Flexibility & endless opportunities.

Tentnology did not become the #1-recognized large tent manufacturer by chance; we engineered it. The smart planning and flexibility at the core our products will immediately impress you and continue to deliver outstanding function and versatility throughout years of use. We can create any size or shape venue, then finish the tent with lighting, flooring, and any of several styles of walls and doors. These standard models serve as the building blocks for most projects and can be delivered in a week or less.

Marquee tents in square, rectangle, and hexagon feature high peaks for inviting event tents Mega tents have no support poles for large event tents with unimpeded interiors T-Span tents connect in series making long hall tents ideal for banquets or warehouses SaddleSpan tents create large openings perfect for parties and stages

Use these event tents singly, connected in series, or mix-and-matched for a unique configuration. From our 25+ basic units, hundreds of event tent sizes and configurations are possible. The variety and adaptability of our tent models enables us to customize a shade solution for any event space.

Popular Sizes:   15’x15’  |  20’x20’  |  30’x30’ |  20’x40’ |  40’x40’ |  40’x60’ |  50’x80’ |  60’x100’ |  100’x115’

Create custom shades or enclosures for any space with mix and match modular tents in a variety of shapes and sizes Single tents range from 100 to 4,000 square feet of coverage, encompassing every imaginable application. Typically, smaller units like our Marquee tents and Mega tents are used for basic shade, stand-alone displays, and traveling event series. Filling larger spaces and accommodating grander events is a simple task with our expandable T-Span tents and our variety of tent sizes and shapes.

We designed our commercial tents with convenience and flexibility in mind. Not only are the tents themselves modular for constructing custom arrangements, many of the components are interchangeable. This intelligent planning makes our event tents easy to store, build, and reconfigure, providing greater value to owners and simper inventory for commercial rentals.

Interchange multiple event tents in endless combinations to build any fabric structure
For truly innovative solutions, our engineer team can custom design a fabric structure or series to fit your space and specifications. This capability provides virtually limitless possibilities! No event tent project is beyond our imagination or fabrication means.

Every project whether big or small, stock or custom, receives the same high degree of care and attention. Your event is important to you, and so it is important to us. A dedicated specialist will work closely with you to offer insight from experience, patiently answer all your questions, and assist with every facet of your event tent design.

BuyShade button quick quote Every month, hundreds of BuyShade clients productively use our products at their businesses, promotions, and parties. We are proudly confident that we can deliver the same satisfaction to you. It all starts with your call or email! Please take a moment to contact us now—we can’t wait to learn about you and your event.

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