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Our Design Process

Each BuyShade advertising tent, branded table cover, or other custom print project has two parts:  Planning and Production. We put every effort into excelling at both parts to ensure a great final product for your marketing booth. We welcome you to learn how our design process has contributed to great successes for BuyShade and our customers.

Part A:  Planning

The BuyShade pros work with hundreds of customers each week, and we put that valuable experience to work for you, completing your project faster and more efficiently with creative ideas along the way.

planning and design process Fast turnaround on mock ups & estimates
BuyShade custom specialists are pros at cranking out personalized renditions and quotes. Whether you need last-minute help for a rapidly approaching deadline or you are working your project at more casual pace, we know that no one likes sitting around and waiting for information. We won’t keep you staring at your inbox—in fact, you may be surprised that we can respond within minutes to most customer inquiries.

Customized assistance
Production line and design process To make each custom design project proceed smoothly, BuyShade dedicates personalized attention to every customer. It all starts with taking the time to get to know you, your company, and your events. Sure, it takes some time and effort, but the more we know about you, the better context we have to provide special recommendations or add that extra design detail that makes your project truly unique.

BuyShade custom specialists work at your pace. We’re organized, and we know your event dates, so even if your scheduled is crammed full, we will keep you on track with timely reminders.

When it comes to logos and graphics, BuyShade has your back with everything you need for your custom designed tent. From templates for professional graphic artists to stock art and artwork services for design greenhorns, we make it easy for all customers to bring their visions to life – even if they don’t have one!

Variety, alternatives, and accessories
We believe that providing our customers with options is the best approach for designing an advertising tent, table cover, or flag. Using your suggestions and our intuition, we can show you a range of appropriate ideas. Together, we can quickly hone in on the combination of printing and products that are best for your usage and event.

Marketing booth for outdoor events  Custom tent South Carolina Gamecocks college of engineering tailgate recruiting

Unlike many competitor companies, BuyShade has a tremendous selection of customizable products. Our scope of available alternatives means you won’t get stuck with just one choice. Whether your priority is price, turnaround, color, or some other feature, BuyShade can create a solution that will make you happy.

Part B:  Production

Once our design team has completed your design, it’s time for our production team to execute your customized print project.Our production process is thoroughly planned, rigorously controlled, and optimized for timeliness and accuracy.

Engineered to perfection
The E-Z Up research and development team is constantly at work improving the E-Z Up family of products. Our engineers build, test, redesign, and test again each product with zealous perfectionism. For example, our flags received a 1-year field test in real-life stress conditions because we wanted to be sure the flags would be appropriate for every day usage. Only once we are confident that our products will perform and exceed expectations can we approve them for sale to customers.

quality craftsmanship wind testing products  quality product showing attention to detail

Art is in the details
When you sign off on the design, the art process continues on our end. Trained graphic artists inspect each logo for cleanliness and best printing results. Print locations are double-checked, PMS or match colors are verified, and no project is printed before receiving a final go-ahead from the person who knows it best, your BuyShade custom specialist.

Multi-stage efficiency
production assembly lines e-z up headquarters The making of a marketing booth involves more work than you probably imagine. Whether you choose standard production or rush production for a last-minute delivery, each step must be performed to exact specifications to ensure your advertising tent is completed perfectly. From start to finish, painstaking care and scrutiny characterize the labors of our experienced staff and our production procedure.

We print most projects onto flat, unsewn fabric. Not only does this provide better printing results, it also allows flexibility to mix and match fabric colors for a more creative custom design. Computer-controlled lasers cut fabric fresh off the roll, then the panels are bundled off to the printing queue.

Logos are transferred to silk screens with pinpoint precision, then the large frames are meticulously aligned. Our specially formulated ink is mixed and applied by hand. Technicians will build up as many layers as necessary to achieve the ideal color. Digital printing on our high tech equipment uses a trade-secret process developed for bright color and sharp, clear graphics.

All printed pieces are reviewed for accuracy before moving to the sewing floor. Fabric takes shape into tents, table covers, and flags in the hands of our skilled sewing team. Since we intend for our E-Z Up products to last, we use high-tensile thread for added strength.

After sewing, all tent canopies are fitted to a frame and hand-finished with grommets. With the finished top displayed on an open frame, we utilize this opportunity for one final quality-control inspection. Once approved, we carefully package all pieces to protect the valuable custom graphics.

Custom outdoor advertising booth The whole production process typically takes about 10 to 13 business days. Need your project faster? Just let us know your event date and we will amaze you with our rush turnaround speed. With just a few additional days for delivery, your custom-made tent and accessories will arrive, ready to be the star of your next product demo, community event, or outdoor fair. Thanks to the investment of a few weeks (or maybe months) in our collaborative design process, you will be sure to use and enjoy your E-Z Up tent for many years. BuyShade button quick quote

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